NHUSD’s controversial Barnard-White vote

People are still talking about the New Haven school board’s Tuesday meeting, when it voted 3-2 to reopen Barnard-White Middle School. The school closed two years ago as a cost-savings measure to deal with declining enrollment.

Although the board voted to reopen a school, it has not specified how many students can enroll, what type of school it will be (e.g., a regular school, small school, specialized academy, etc.) or how it will pay for it.

Many in the Decoto neighborhood want a school again that’s closer to home, but some community members say it’s fiscally irresponsible to open a school in the midst of budget cuts. The district is projecting a minimum $3.2 million deficit next year, and the board will be looking at possibly laying off teachers, increasing class sizes and cutting the budgets for transportation, band, forensics and other co-curricular programs.

Trustees Gwen Estes, Jonas Dino and Michelle Matthews voted to reopen BWMS while Gertrude Gregorio and Kevin Harper cast the dissenting votes.

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Linh Tat


  1. That’s great news, my old school, back in action. It’s sad to see it vacant.

  2. It was a mistake to close BW. It’s also a bad time to reopen. There’s no winning here. However, for Dino to just change his mind is stunning.

    However, in times of difficulty, opportunity shows its face. BW could be a second high school campus, something New Haven desperately needs. I would never let a child of mine go to such a large school as Logan.

  3. WOW! The folks over in Union City never ceases to amaze me. “We want Fremont to be our Fire Department to save money” wait, “No, we can do it cheaper” no wait, “We can’t do it cheaper, in fact we wasted millions pretending we can do it cheaper. We want County Fire to do it cheaper.” “We need to close BWM to save money”, no wait “We want to open BWM despite how many millions that will cost.” “Lets give up class size reduction all over the city to open BWM, because that seems educationally wise”. Glad I’m not paying taxes in that town.

  4. Barnard-White.. my old school.. I remember seeing my first snow fall there one day at lunch time in 75 and looking south at mission peak (before the NIMBY residents moved in) and seeing the hills covered in snow.. memories..

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