Report: Selig to get A’s stadium committee report Monday

The East Bay Express’ Robert Gammon is reporting that the committee tasked with determining whether there’s a viable site for the A’s will present its findings to Commissioner Bud Selig Monday.

Apparently Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums spilled the beans during a speech to the Oakland Chamber of Commerce.

One Fremont resident says the city doesn’t have a shot at landing the team.

Matt Artz


  1. “the mentality here is still like a little town with a few gas stations and no movie theater.”

    Young Mr. Shah seems to have a farther reach than I expected. He’s gone and shined a light on the lack of entertainment in Fremont. Even baseball broadcasters are talking about it.

    I agree. Fremont lacks strong leadership. We have politicians so consumed by self-interest that they’ve forgotten how to be the leaders they were elected to be. I think the quote above shows people have noticed that, and are beginning to turn to new souls with new ideas (bacon/shah). Its gonna be a bumpy road, but this November will be a shock to the the system. People have had enough failure.

  2. Zcents you make no sense.

    What local politicians have any self intrest in this matter? They are looking out for the best intrest of the Fremont and it’s growth.

    Vinnie has some great points and I voted for him last time around and hope he does alot better this time around. Shah has passion and a work ethic that one can not question, but he just lacks the experince and that may hurt him in the election. Shah don’t take this the wrong way you will sit on the counicl one day and hopefully higher seats then that.

  3. I’m curious, Smalls, about how this work ethic that you ascribe to young Mr. Shah has been demonstrated. He is very young – has he ever held an actual job that wasn’t working for his family? He may have a lot of work experience; I’m just asking what it is.

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