Pedestrian seriously injured outside Washington Hospital

From the cops:

At 1827 hours, February 11, 2010, the Fremont Police Department responded to an auto-pedestrian collision on Civic Center Drive, south of Mowry Ave.  Responding officers found a 73 year old male with serious injuries.

The Traffic Unit investigation revealed that the pedestrian had been crossing eastbound in the marked crosswalk between the Washington West complex and Washington Hospital.  As the pedestrian crossed the northbound lanes of Civic Center Drive he was struck by a 1987 Toyota Camry being driven by a 57 year old male.  The driver of the Toyota Camry immediately stopped and assisted the pedestrian.  Both parties are Fremont residents.

As of the writing of this press release the 74 year old pedestrian is in intensive care at a local trauma center.  There was no evidence of drug or alcohol influence in this collision.  The investigation is continuing and no citations have been issued.  The investigation is being conducted by Traffic Officer Nicholas Austin #12759.  Any witnesses to this collision who were not contacted by police at the scene are requested to call the Fremont Police Traffic Unit at 510-790-6760.


Matt Artz


  1. I’d love to see statistics on accidents at that crosswalk. It just feels dangerous to me. There should be better routes to the sky way.

  2. Agreed, we know someone else who was struck at this crossing… she survived, but required a lot of rehab. There is no stop light, pedestrians push a button that activates a flashing yellow light. It is such an unusual set-up that it is easy for drivers to blow through it without seeing the pedestrian.

  3. I would not want to see a trafic light there because tragic would be stopped constantly with all the pedestrians using that cross walk. If a lawsuit results from this or any other incident we may need to put one in. Regardless my prayers are with this man, his family and the horrified driver too.

  4. I give Harrison et al props if his/their position is accurately reported here.


    Against the expressed concerns of our staff and council, WTHS demanded and received an ill-conceived crosswalk. Now they want us (taxpayers) to improve and make safe their ill-conceived plan.

    I agree that there should be a crosswalk in this location and that need is almost completely the result of WTHS facilities planning and the obvious conflict between foot and vehicular traffic that plan created.

    It seems like improvements at this crosswalk are needed and I’d suggest that those improvements are a perfect use of the taxes I (and many others) pay into WTHS.

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