Fremont school cuts

For today’s story about proposed school cuts in Fremont, click here.

Correction: The story listed the wrong date for the next board meeting. The meeting will be Feb. 24, not the 27th.

Linh Tat


  1. I think they should get rid of Mission High School The district could save money by sending all the Mission kids directly from Middle School to College. Look at Ishan: He’ll be President of AARP before he turns 30. Also, this way Great Neck South will move up one spot in the US News and World Reports rankings.

  2. Well, we know what schools they won’t shut down.

    I don’t expect the district will shut any schools, at least not this time around. They’ll already save enough by increasing class size and making other cuts. Many parents will be thrilled to get into their child’s home school instead of going across town. Shutting schools down just tears apart communities. It’s not worth the savings.

  3. Matt’s lame joke aside, I agree they won’t close any schools. It sounds like the board realizes they can’t cut any more counselors, but it will be rough on the teaching staff and the students.

    Again, it really bugs me that FUSD gets around $700 less ADA per student than other districts like Pleasanton. We got shafted in the post Prop-13 funding battles, and it has been frozen that way ever since.

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