Story on A’s stadium saga

I didn’t see this on the Argus homepage, but the Tribune’s Oakland City Hall reporter wrote an overview of the A’s stadium situation.

Read it here.

Matt Artz


  1. “Really, it’s an either-or. If we go to the (A’s) game on Tuesday night, we’re not going to the movies on Tuesday night.”


    “Stadiums that have higher economic impacts tend to be ones built in urban areas, without adequate surface parking surrounding the site. Fans must park throughout the downtown area near the stadium and walk to games. Along the way — around Jacobs Field in Cleveland or Coors Field in Denver, for instance — they stop in bars and restaurants and retail shops.
    But, teams like to have huge parking lots around the stadium — it’s convenient for fans, and teams make money from hefty parking fees. But such parking areas tend to become “moats” that hold down any development near the stadium. One reason The Ballpark in Arlington (now Ameriquest Field) has not sparked any surrounding development in the past decade is that fans drive to games, park, go to the game, and then drive home.”


  2. Get READY:

    “Should baseball refuse to give the go-ahead for the A’s to move to San Jose, Fremont, which is in the A’s territory, could be an option for the team.”

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