A plea for restraint

Uh-oh, mix-up in Argus land. A few affable Canucks and their Yankee offspring taught me to sweep like a Mountie Thursday, but I don’t think my write-up will be in the paper until Tuesday.

Unfortunately, the story about curling in Fremont has been posted to our Web site, and it’s probably my fault. I know it must be tempting, but please try to hold off on reading about Canadian expats sweeping ice pebbles and pushing stones. It’ll seem even more exciting next week, I swear.

In the meantime, this should tide you over:

Matt Artz


  1. The man you see curling is from a small town in Saskatchewan, about 8 hours northwest of the capital, Regina. I shaved my facial fuzz last week, but I sure looked ugly trying to glide along the ice. Luckily, there’s no footage of it.

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