Tri-City Beat commenters are a different breed

About six weeks TCB readers said they want to see more hard news in The Argus, more investigations and more round-ups on the City Council and other public boards. I’m with you guys, even though I wrote a story today about curling and a dunker.

Meanwhile, here’s the six most-viewed stories on the Argus web site: Bus brawlers, naked swimmers, lost dogs and dead people. Oh my!

  1. AC Transit bus brawler has video past
  2. Naked Lake Merritt swimmer played college basketball
  3. Missing 40 days and 40 nights, South Bay dog comes home
  4. YouTube video of AC Transit bus fight in Oakland creating buzz
  5. Plane crash ends three Silicon Valley success stories
  6. Oakland police locate suicidal man who had brandished a sawed-off…

Can’t believe Jaime Richards didn’t make the cut.

Matt Artz


  1. Maybe it’s because we are the old-fashioned PAYING subscribers who read the Argus in real newsprint. I only follow this blog for the stuff that’s not printed. I do not read the Argus on-line.

    And yeah, I’d like some old school real journalism.

  2. I rarely visit InsideBayArea/Argus. I don’t like the page layout and find it difficult to locate news stories I’ve read in the hardcopy edition. Forget trying to use the Search or Archives feature. One other thing. The online info for Letter to the Editor says letters should be limited to 250 words. The printed edition of the Argus says it’s 200 words. So, which is it?

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