FAME Public Charter School audited

We had a story in Sunday’s paper about FAME Public Charter School and an audit which found a number of questionable business practices at the school — from using the wrong funds to pay bills and failing to report full wages on tax forms to using taxpayers’ dollars to pay the executive director’s speeding ticket.

The full audit report should have been posted online yesterday, but it didn’t make it to our Web site until today. To read the story and accompanying audit, click here.

Also, I noticed on the FAME Web site that it’s seeking candidates to serve on its governing board. Click here for more info if you’re interested.

Linh Tat


  1. Our public elementary schools will have no more prep teachers and 30 students in a class. Why? So Maram Alaiwat can go big pimping in her Mercedes GL 450.

    $279,600 in compensation? That’s ridiculous. Charter schools are absolute abominations. Shut the place down and lock Alaiwat up.

  2. From the state report:
    “A $74,820 Mercedes-Benz GL 450 that the school purchased for her should have been reported in her 2007 tax statement as a leased vehicle, with a portion of the car’s value listed.
    In addition, a housing allowance, mileage and grant-writing stipends, vacation payouts and in-lieu benefits totaling $109,200 over two years were not reported.”

    Something smells bad.

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