Candle Lighters and abortion


If you live in Fremont and bother to read this blog you probably know all about the Candle Lighters. They’re the most prolific volunteer group in the Tri-Cities, having raised more than $2 million for local nonprofits through operating the Ghost House every Halloween since 1969.

So it was a little uncomfortable for me to write a story that would be critical of them the one one time they gave money to a group that could stir up a little controversy. You can read the story here.

I was surprised to see Pregnancy Choices Clinic of Union City on the list of nine organizations funded by the Candle Lighters this year. I had spent a morning at the clinic in 2007 in preparation for a feature story that never ran, so I knew that it was a part of the anti-abortion movement. Afterward I called several people around town and returned to the clinic, where the folks again were very nice in showing me around.

A couple of items that got cut from the story. The clinic, and others like it, offer free ultra sounds in part because they say studies show that women are less likely to have an abortion when they see images of the fetus. Anti-abortion groups donate the machines to clinics, and the Union City clinic’s ultrasound came from the group, Focus on the Family.
Also, the clinic continues to provide supplies and support to women for two years after there child is born. And it offers counseling to women who become despondent after having an abortion.

Matt Artz