Bad Karma

idolIt’s too late now, but I wish I had worded something differently in my Sunday story about future development in Centerville and Irvington. I said both districts were “saddled” with more affordable housing projects than Mission San Jose, Niles and Centerville.

That’s true, but as someone who would qualify to live in several of those developments and who’s cruising for a senior affordable unit in about 30 years, I shouldn’t have stigmatized it.

The general plan still interests me, and apparently only me.

The city’s proposal to loosen zoning in Centerville and Irvington makes sense, but when you factor in all the affordable housing  money that’s going to come in from the new redevelopment deal, it’s clear a lot of that is coming to Irvington and Centerville. I’m still not sure that’s the way to revitalize a commercial district.

Matt Artz

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  1. Matt: What do you mean when you say:

    “The general plan still interests me, and apparently only me.” ?

    Just wondering?

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