Fremont kids help mom with child birth


While Geoffrey Sanders (pictured above) was out getting ready to deliver newspapers in the early hours of March 9, his wife was delivering their fourth child, with only their three other kids around to help. But they did a great job.

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VOR, thanks for catching that boo-boo

Matt Artz


  1. Hey Martz, did you mean” Fremont kids help mom with child’s birth/” Or were they in fact assisting her in mooring the baby to the dock or finding a place for the baby to sleep?

  2. At over nine pounds I think he meant Berth for the little tanker.

  3. This is the best, These Children are to be commended, and may I add they are Christians , they have been well trained by their Parents. Alana Sanders is the best Mom ever,and Geoffrey is a good Father. THANK GOD for giving Geoffrey this woman for his wife. Thank God for all of them, PRAISE GOD FOR HIS MIGHTY WORKS!

  4. They do indeed look like a wonderful family. Congratulations to the Sanders on their new addition and also, I’m guessing, to Aunt Rosee.

    Now if we can just get Martz to pull out the dictionary. Guess we’ve got to cut him some slack if he was texting this post on his drive home to Berkeley.

  5. Ma’m, I concur, congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Sanders on their new son! And to his siblings, Good Job!

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