Business Comings

Last year, I wrote that a German man who wanted to brew German-inspired beer in Fremont, but was having permit issues. Well, he got a the permit he was looking to get so it looks like DasBrew might become a reality.

Also, a new dollar store store is having an opening bash Thursday, March 25. 99 Cent Only is expecting people to line up outside the store the night before for a chance to buy iPod Nanos for only 99 cents when the store opens its doors for the first time. Their press release says the store at Blacow and Fremont Boulevard will create 65 jobs.

They’ve even invited Mayor Wasserman and city council members to the grand opening. Hopefully they’ll be free and not attending the christening of a new pawn shop or massage parlor.

Meanwhile, on Friday, The Crown Prince of Luxenbourg will be in Fremont for the opening of WaferGen Biosystems newest facility, which will be in Fremont on Paseo Padre Parkway.

Matt Artz

  • VOR

    Redwood Systems of Fremont made the KPIX Green Beat tonight.


    Look for video titled: East Bay Firm Develops Smart Lightbulbs

  • Heather

    I’ll visit the new dollar store. (not for an Ipod Nano) It’s where Smart & Final used to be, totally on my way to ThriftTown near Irvington HS. Twice a week for bargains!

  • bs

    Make sure you cover the $ store opening. The one in the hub opened on a saturday that i was working, and waterhouse asked me to get there early in case a fight broke out over the $1 dvd players. I laughed at him, but went anyway even though he later said not to bother. And a fight actually did break out… with this older woman ripping one out of someone’s arms. I got a funny story out of it (for the record.. the owner handled it perfectly… and was totally willing to talk openly about the incident).