City Council Diary

I’m late again. This time I had to make a kimchi delivery. If you watch tonight’s local news there’s a good chance you’ll see your friendly council members, most likely Bob Wieckowski. Several stations were here because the council is going to  adopt a resolution supporting a Blue Ribbon report on the importance of NUMMI.

Councilmember Wieckowski proposed it. One might think his making the referral might have something to do with his running for State Assembly.

The council just OK’d street improvements on Niles Boulevard.

Mayor just deferred his request for the city to consider asking the feds to create the Niles Canyon Transcontinental Railroad Historic District.  Local train buffs want this to happen, but someone in the county, which controls the land, might not be so keen on it, so the mayor had to put it on the back burner for now.

City Council makes NUMMI resolution.

Meeting adjourned.

Matt Artz

  • VOR

    KTVU reported this morning this Friday will be the last day for some NUMMI workers. The truck assembly line will be affected. Toyota is trying to limit inventory of materials to one day. This is causing production problems. Last night’s shift had to shut down at 10 due to lack of parts. The last vehicle will roll off the assembly line sometime between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. on April 1.

    Outplacement resource offices are being set up in temporary trailers next to the union hall and will be in place for the next two years according to the report.

  • http://www.YourAmericanVoice.com Fazlur Khan

    The City Council and the Fremont Chamber of Commerce has only ONE ISSUE since the LAST 2 YEARS. ” BRING THE A’S TO FREMONT “.The top guys have the Agenda to be multi millionaires by getting jobs and contract. It is their well planned CONSPIRACY has kicked on the stomaches of the 4,700 employees and several thousand vendors and their hundreds of thosands of their dependents. They have succeeded in their efforts, but we will not allow them to hand over the best 400 acres of Real Estae near and around NUMMI and future warm Springs BART Sation to the A’s. http://www.YourAmericanVoice.com