Corrected: Diaz met with MLB officials

CORRECTION: Diaz and MLB officials met last Thursday the 18th. Diaz told me it was “last Thursday”, but I milled around the council chamber chatted A’s and worked myself into a state of confusion.

They met two Thursdays ago   last Thursday. I have no details, and he didn’t seem to have any sense of when the MLB committee would make its recommendation or what that recommendation would be.

Diaz and I also had a brief and somewhat confusing budget conversation. He said he’s “concerned about last quarter’s numbers” and he’s been open with employees about the city’s financial struggles, but it’s still too early to talk layoffs or budget cuts.

Matt Artz

  • kristine

    what kind of statement are you trying to make with you green ll’s

  • Alan Stirling

    Mr. Diaz needs to keep a diary/log of his activities and interviews and make it part of the Fremont City archives for public examination. His behavior is creating a preception that he is dishonest and sneaky. Even if that were true or not true, the mere appearance of improprity should not be indulged as a necessary policy for legitimate city govt.
    Remember, this is the city council, and manager and city attorney that were recently found by the courts to be in blatant violation of the Open Meetings Act. (Brown Act). We can forgive one event but no more of this bad behavior.

  • Jon Simon

    I fail to see how this is sneaky and dishonest.

  • Fremont Lifer

    Mr. Diaz has made a choice to make information available to local media that he does not make available directly to local residents, even those who have expressed to him their interest in this particular issue. Don’t forget, Mr. Diaz works for the taxpaying local residents of Fremont, not for Mr. Artz or the Chamber of Commerce.

    If you need further convincing, ask yourself – who did Mr. Diaz inform when the City was working on the conceptual plan for the stadium all spring, summer, fall and winter of 2009? Who knew about all of the city funds and manpower that were being expended on that boondoggle until they sprung it on us in January 2010? It is the sins of omission like this that lead many residents to wonder what Mr. Diaz is currently directing our city staff to work on?

    It is not unusual for city administrators to develop an “us vs them” attitude; that they are on one “team” with the City Council, the Chamber of Commerce, and others who share their “vision”. They often forget that they are ordinary paid civil servants, hired to work for the taxpayers, to be on our “team”, no different from the guy who mows the park or the gal who issues a building permit. Sometimes we need to remind them. Mr. Diaz may be under contract, but some of his bosses on the City Council who approve his contract are subject to election. In November. This year. Can you hear it coming, Fred?

  • Californiaguy

    I am not going to vote for Fred Diaz, wait a minute, you cannot vote for Fred, strange, He is running Fremont!
    He is apointed by the Mayor and City Council. Want to keep Fred, vote for the incumbants this November!

  • Ringo Starr

    Do you know who are the MLB officials he met? I am sure we all would love to know.

    BTW, why not stick to dates (e.g. March 11) instead of saying two thursdays ago. Just because you hang out at the Council chamber, does it also mean you have to give up your intelligence and sense of judgement to the machine? We need your unbiased impartial independent streak! :-)

  • Ringo Starr

    Californiaguy – funny, and well said.

  • NoAsWS

    Matt, it’s really interesting to see your post first said “last Thursday”, then changed to “two Thursday ago”. And finally switch back to “last Thursday” again.

    There were news about Selig talking to the A’s and Giants last Sunday (3/21). I’m also interested in what Diaz and MLB discussed.

  • Lou Vandelay

    Jon, if you don’t see how Fred is being dishonest and sneaky, you don’t have a sufficient level of experience with our boy Fred. Look up “dishonest” or “sneaky”; you’ll find his picture there.

    Or, go to Tracy and ask about him there.

  • GoA’s

    Fremont Manager Fred Diaz has done a great jobs bringing the A’s to Fremont. Go Fremont A’s

  • GoA’s

    and GO FRED DIAZ!!!!!!

  • http://fcnisbacon.wordpress.com/ Marty

    I’m with Jon. The hoopla is about the topic not the conversation itself. If Diaz were in contact with Tesla Motors regarding NUMMI, all the hypocrites raising such a fuss would be mum.

  • Jon Simon

    Lou Vandelay,

    Your answer was a non-answer. Could you be a bit more specific? I just don’t see how meeting with MLB officials is dishonest and sneaky. Did he say he wouldn’t meet with them? Is he supposed to post everything he does on a website somewhere? That’s asking a bit much. And telling Matt what’s going on seems pretty open. The press, as part of their job, disseminates information.

  • Anon101

    So DIaz is “concerned about last quarter’s numbers”. Maybe spending $100,000 on consultants and countless dollars on staff time won’t look so cool to the bargaining units (that’s the unions) when they’re asked to make concessions during the next round of budget cuts.

    Diaz is a disgrace!

  • tbone

    Its pretty simple to request Diaz’s records regarding his dealings with MLB the A’s and council. Just do a Public Records Act request. The city can only charge for the physical copies (not staff time) to produce the records and they are required by law to deliver the documents (emails, letters, text messages, meeting minutes, agendas, notes, etc) withing 10 days.
    here is a link to an example I found on the web