Lockyer touts lawsuit against Figueroa

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And this is why I’m glad not to be covering the District 3 2 (I screwed up again) County Supervisor race. The two big names in it are Nadia Lockyer (Bill’s wife, pictured right) and Liz Figueroa (a former state senator, pictured left). Union City Mayor Mark Green and Hayward City Councilmember Kevin Dowling are also in the race, but it’s not clear  if they can play with the big girls.

Nadia Locker’s campaign sent out a press release touting a lawsuit charging that Figueroa didn’t accurate state her occupation in her ballot designation.

Figueroa said she’s a “job developer/educator.” The plaintiff, Suizi O. Lin, says Figueroa is a state appointee on the California Unemployment Appeals Board, which the plaintiff alleges has nothing to do with job development.

Figueroa is teaching politics part-time at Cal, which the Lockyer press release says is her basis for calling herself an educator.

A judge could order Figueroa to change her designation if he/she determines it’s misleading.

Matt Artz

  • Fremont Lifer

    “Figueroa didn’t accurate state her occupation” – who’s not being accurate now, Matt? “Appleals Board”? Is this part of the Scrabble Challenge?

  • matt artz

    ugh! When it rains, it pours.