Market Broiler on the Move

market broilerFremont’s favorite Seafood restaurant (or so I’m told) is moving this summer from the Mowry East shopping center to Pacific Commons.

Market Broiler will be located at 43406 Christy Street, next to P.F. Chang’s. They’ll be renovating the space in April and opening shop in July.

That leaves Mowry East with even less stuff.

Matt Artz

  • Rindu Muncie

    1.) Next to PF Changs? So Carino’s becomes the new Market Broiler.

    2.) Sad to see how bad Mowry East is getting.

  • VOR

    Speaking of Mowry East, a new two-story office building is under construction right across Farwell, next to Orchard Supply. It seems like an odd place to build it since it is in a shopping center; not to mention Fremont already has 5.2 million square feet of commercial space sitting vacant. Martz, any idea what’s going in there?

  • Andrew Cavette

    Mowry East use to be a rather nice place to go. Movies, Cost Plus, Scenario Games, A few ok chain resturants and a book store.

    The down fall started when the big chain book stores (you know which two I’m talking about) came into town and crushed the smaller chains and independents. Crown Books, D. Dalton (before they were bought up) and The Bookmark lived side by side in Fremont for decades.

    Book stores were not the only thing keeping MEst alive, but that’s when it began.

  • Gus Morrison

    #2, VOR, I asked the same question several months ago and I was told it is a medical office building. Seems an unusual use in that area, but it must be a permitted use in the Planned District.

    #3, Andrew, There is a phenomenom in retail called “category killers”, where two or three outlets in a category wipe out everyone else. B&K and Borders (along with Amazon.com) are taking over books, Petco and Petsmart are two taking on pet supplies, etc. I recall Stan Patten, who owned the Bookmark, telling me that Costco sold books cheaper than he could buy them from his wholesaler. There is something wrong with that from a marketing perspective.

  • VOR

    I thought word on this blog, many moons ago, was that Borders at the Hub was on the brink of closing. What happened?

  • Jon Simon

    “The single event that most transformed the book industry was the Reagan administration’s decision to tax publishers’ inventories. This forced small presses and many others to clear their shelves of back-list titles that in many cases were the lifeblood of the presses. Many were also forced to hand over distribution to larger presses. The inventory tax also led to an explosion of the “remainder” market — thousands of back-list titles were suddenly dumped below cost as remainders.”


  • http://fcnisbacon.wordpress.com/ Marty

    “Hal Hughes” probably didn’t have an internet connection in 2001. Regardless, I am constantly amused by the lefts penchant for blaming their grievances on Reagan.

    I’ll take the roller coaster logic one step further and propose that Reagan foresaw the advent of Amazon.com, and estimated that Amazon would conduct interstate commerce in a tax free environment.

    You got to admit, Reagan got a lot done when he wasn’t devising the use immunodeficiency viruses to punish homosexuals.