Take the NUMMI survey

The city wants to know what residents want to see at NUMMI once the plant closes.

Click here to take the survey.

Matt Artz


  1. Come on take the survey- It will show we had reached out to the community. But off course we will be sure to ignore the results.
    Fred Dazed and Backpocket Bob

  2. I guess this is the old damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario. I’m not defending the actions of Mr. Diaz, but folks slammed him for being secretive and conducting back room deals over the A’s proposal. Now the city is asking the residents of Fremont for their ideas. It’s better than not being asked at all. Which would you prefer? Of course, surveys can be skewed and we must pay attention to who is asking and how they are asking it.

  3. I took the survey (Thanks for reporting on it, Matt). Doesn’t actually say “should we have a stadium at Grimmer and Fremont Blvd?”. Kind of vague, actually.

    The closest thing to a question about a stadium is the option to have mixed use retail, housing and entertainment.

    Would have liked a check box for “Live and work in Fremont”, the “Resident” and “Work in Fremont” boxes were mutually exclusive.

    There are some useful fill-in-the-blank boxes, so we can rant and rave all we want. Pile on!

  4. I completed the survey as well. At some point I remember seeing it titled, “NUMMI and Ballpark Survey”, but I just checked out the COF site and cannot find it. I think it was displayed on the Thank You page at the completion of the survey. Interesting that was the only time ballpark was referenced.

    I made sure to provide detail to my voting in the fill-in boxes.

  5. Regarding surveys and how they are phrased…this from the link Martz provided in the “Poll says San Jose wants As” update.

    “But the poll apparently didn’t inform respondents that San Jose will have to give the A’s more than just free land in the deal, thereby making the poll’s results highly questionable and punching a large hole in any claim that it proves that San Jose residents would vote in favor of the A’s moving to their city.”

    Like I said in #2, surveys can be skewed.

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