Fremont School Hours

tired studentLinh Tat has a story online today about Fremont Unified proposing to push back the daily start time for high school students so they can get more sleep and hopefully get better grades.

The proposed schedule would mean that high school kids get out of class after middle school and elementary school students. I’m told New Haven Unified does the same thing.

Maybe this isn’t an issue in Fremont, but in my hometown high school started before middle and elementary school. This made sense because if both parents worked, the high school student could get home first and be waiting when the younger kids returned from school.

The way Fremont wants to do things, parents (with say a 9th grader and 5th grader) wouldn’t seem to have that convenience.

Anyway, to change subjects, a Fremont site just sold for $7.3 million.

Matt Artz


  1. I thought the reason for schools various times had to do with transportation, and not family conveniences.

    Since, the district doesn’t provide transportation for most students; might as well make them ready for first class..

  2. Interesting – doesn’t say where in Fremont the property is located or who Terreno purchased it from.

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