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A’s to San Jose? ‘No decision has been made’

By Tracy Seipel / Mercury News

Posted: 03/30/2010 10:15:50 AM PDT

Updated: 03/30/2010 11:23:21 AM PDT
Has Major League Baseball cleared the way for the Oakland A’s to move to San Jose?

Not yet, says a person close to the process in San Jose.

The denial comes as one Bay Area blogger claims a committee studying whether the A’s can move to the South Bay is set to deliver the OK for such a move. The report, which is not attributed, says the committee will give its much-awaited report to Commissioner Bud Selig within three days.

The A’s have announced their intention to move from Oakland, but the league would have to approve any move to San Jose because the San Francisco Giants own the territorial rights to Santa Clara County. The Giants say they will steadfastly defend those rights.

“It’s patently absurd that the committee is preparing to issue a report and recommendation,” said a person close to the process in San Jose. “There is no report coming out in the next three days. No decision has been made. The committee continues its work and the committee’s work is not completed.”

Matt Artz


  1. From what I’ve seen, San Jose clearly wants ’em and appears to be rolling out the red carpet in all appropriate ways. Cripes – how long is it going to take these guys to make a simple decision? It’s baseball, not brain surgery.

  2. Come November, Fremont City Council will NOT be the same, the new heads won’t favor projects that are not to the benefit of Fremont citizens, like the stadium. Other than Vinnie Bacon, Kathy McDonald is also running for City Council ! It’s real ! Something for MLB and the A’s to consider.

  3. People who are in the mindset of No2As, must offer credible alternate development proposals to get elected. I am a No2As guy, but I am not a NIMBY and will NOT vote for someone who is anti development.

    Yosemite, High sierras are a no-no for development. I do not consider fricking fremont to have any pristine stuff that needs protected. All we got is barren lands with squirrels running rampant.

    So this is for the guys who are running for city council, if you think you oppose the current incumbent and oppose As, dont think you will be in office automatically. Most people in this city are practical people and not leftist loonies. Fremont is centrist !!!

  4. For a city that is either “centrist” or “leftist”, Fremont has certainly managed to elect a remarkable succession of dweebs, feebes, and sock-puppets. Let’s hope we can do better this November.

    As I gather from their websites, neither Bacon nor McDonald are anti-development. They’re anti-dumb-development. They’re pro-smart-development. We all know that Fremont needs to grow – the question is how.

    Were you aware that Mr. Bacon has degrees in city planning and transportation engineering? Sounds like somebody who might know how to help Fremont manage its inevitable growth.

    While many try to portray FCN (the local grassroots group that Ms. McDonald helped establish) as being anti-growth, the truth is that both Ms. McDonald and a large percentage of the membership of FCN are realists who know that local growth cannot and should not be stopped, but it can and should be intelligently managed.

    No, Fremont is not Yosemite, but it’s certainly not “barren”, and I think we’d all like it to be livable at minimum, thriving at best. Fremont does have advantages in terms of demographics, climate, location, and other factors. The current occupants of the City Council view Fremont as so worthless that they sell off large sections of it for one dollar.

    Time for new management.

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