Matt Artz


  1. The City Council of Fremont and the Fremont Chamber of Commerce were planning and conspiring for the last 2 years to get the NUMMI Plant closed to give the excellent Real Estate to A’s owners to be multi millionaires with high paying jobs and lucrative contract for loyalty. They stabed into the stomach of hundred of thousad of the NUMMI Employees, suppliers and their innocent families with sharp poisonous knives
    blades. They turned the fools day into the biggest tragedy Fremont has ever experienced. Let us all pray for them to get jobs, earning capacity and welfare of their families.

    The land may be utilized for smart economic development to creat atleast 12,000 jobs by developing a Smart Green futuristic City for excellent schools top research university, play grounds, parks, community
    health center, swimming pool and community garden and mixed used development by calling an international plan for the site.

  2. Fazlur, Every feature of your “Smart Green futuristic City” is a net burden on the budget. How are you going to fund this stuff? What are the inhabitants going to sell?

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