State of the City

The mayor focused mainly on happy things at today’s State of the City, which is usually a good sign that no city parcel or utility tax will be the ballot anytime soon.

Most of what was said will be repetitive to readers of the blog. A few things we haven’t touched on:

  1. The city wants to start constrcution on an Irvington BART station in 2015
  2. Solyndra, which has become Fremont’s flagship business, has hired some NUMMI workers and is encouraging more to apply.
  3. A new phase of development at Pacific Commons is in the works.
  4. Fremont was originally going to ask the feds for $385,000 to study shat should become of the NUMMI site, but that was too much so it only asked for $333,000.

An update: This was the first State of the City I can remember where we couldn’t get a photographer to shoot Wasserman in the flesh. We’ll be running a mug shot circa 2002 in the newspaper, but for the blog, I thought we’d run the best State of the City photo ever:

cisco bob

Photo by Bea Ahbeck

Market Broiler on the Move

market broilerFremont’s favorite Seafood restaurant (or so I’m told) is moving this summer from the Mowry East shopping center to Pacific Commons.

Market Broiler will be located at 43406 Christy Street, next to P.F. Chang’s. They’ll be renovating the space in April and opening shop in July.

That leaves Mowry East with even less stuff.


Lockyer touts lawsuit against Figueroa

liz fignadia-lockyer

And this is why I’m glad not to be covering the District 3 2 (I screwed up again) County Supervisor race. The two big names in it are Nadia Lockyer (Bill’s wife, pictured right) and Liz Figueroa (a former state senator, pictured left). Union City Mayor Mark Green and Hayward City Councilmember Kevin Dowling are also in the race, but it’s not clear  if they can play with the big girls.

Nadia Locker’s campaign sent out a press release touting a lawsuit charging that Figueroa didn’t accurate state her occupation in her ballot designation.

Figueroa said she’s a “job developer/educator.” The plaintiff, Suizi O. Lin, says Figueroa is a state appointee on the California Unemployment Appeals Board, which the plaintiff alleges has nothing to do with job development.

Figueroa is teaching politics part-time at Cal, which the Lockyer press release says is her basis for calling herself an educator.

A judge could order Figueroa to change her designation if he/she determines it’s misleading.


Best of Fremont / Unofficial straw poll

UPDATE: It’s been a rough 12 hours from me. The editor of the Fremont Bulletin just informed me that voting has ended even though the ballot is still available online. Ugh.

Best of Fremont 2009--Black BackgroundIt’s time again for the Fremont Bulletin’s Best of Fremont balloting. This is a way of buttering up advertisers that unfortunately provides further evidence that a lot of folks in these parts have a yen for chain stores. Last year, Costco, McDonalds, Starbucks and P.F. Changs outpolled most local eateries.

For more grumblings on those results, click here.

Also last year, Fremont Councilman Bob Wieckowski won for Best Politician. I can’t say whether there was an organized effort to get out the vote for him, but apparently politicians do take this seriously.

Wieckowski is running against Ohlone Gollege Trustee Garrett Yee for State Assembly this June, and one Yee supporter told me he/she got an email asking him/her to vote for Yee in the Bulletin’s poll. It’s probably a safe bet that one of them is going to get the accolade alongside other Fremont institutions like Olive Garden and Chipotle.

So who will it be? Not sure why, but it reminds me of the Simpsons soccer spoof: Mexico or Portugal:


Corrected: Diaz met with MLB officials

CORRECTION: Diaz and MLB officials met last Thursday the 18th. Diaz told me it was “last Thursday”, but I milled around the council chamber chatted A’s and worked myself into a state of confusion.

They met two Thursdays ago   last Thursday. I have no details, and he didn’t seem to have any sense of when the MLB committee would make its recommendation or what that recommendation would be.

Diaz and I also had a brief and somewhat confusing budget conversation. He said he’s “concerned about last quarter’s numbers” and he’s been open with employees about the city’s financial struggles, but it’s still too early to talk layoffs or budget cuts.


City Council Diary

I’m late again. This time I had to make a kimchi delivery. If you watch tonight’s local news there’s a good chance you’ll see your friendly council members, most likely Bob Wieckowski. Several stations were here because the council is going to  adopt a resolution supporting a Blue Ribbon report on the importance of NUMMI.

Councilmember Wieckowski proposed it. One might think his making the referral might have something to do with his running for State Assembly.

The council just OK’d street improvements on Niles Boulevard.

Mayor just deferred his request for the city to consider asking the feds to create the Niles Canyon Transcontinental Railroad Historic District.  Local train buffs want this to happen, but someone in the county, which controls the land, might not be so keen on it, so the mayor had to put it on the back burner for now.

City Council makes NUMMI resolution.

Meeting adjourned.


Business Comings

Last year, I wrote that a German man who wanted to brew German-inspired beer in Fremont, but was having permit issues. Well, he got a the permit he was looking to get so it looks like DasBrew might become a reality.

Also, a new dollar store store is having an opening bash Thursday, March 25. 99 Cent Only is expecting people to line up outside the store the night before for a chance to buy iPod Nanos for only 99 cents when the store opens its doors for the first time. Their press release says the store at Blacow and Fremont Boulevard will create 65 jobs.

They’ve even invited Mayor Wasserman and city council members to the grand opening. Hopefully they’ll be free and not attending the christening of a new pawn shop or massage parlor.

Meanwhile, on Friday, The Crown Prince of Luxenbourg will be in Fremont for the opening of WaferGen Biosystems newest facility, which will be in Fremont on Paseo Padre Parkway.


Weekend Crime Roundup

From the cops:

Police arrested someone who tried to stab a Kohl’s employee with “a bladed instrument.”

On the outskirts of Centerville, a woman who said she hadn’t eaten all day plowed her car into the Little Kabul Market at Cabrillo Center. She just missed striking several customers and employees. The driver had minor injuries.

A pack of men ranging in age from 20s to 50s accosted a group of kids at the Irvington Community Center and took their backpacks.

A woman was talking on her cell phone and driving at the same time. It also appears that she was drinking or had been drinking. Either way, she lost control of her car at Mission and Antelope, and apparently knocked down a utility pole. She went to jail.

On Saturday, two men, one with a pistol robbed the 7-Eleven at Fremont Boulevard and Chapel. Just 13 minutes later the 7-Eleven on Washington at Ellsworth is robbed. Description is the same in both cases.

On Sunday, Police got a call that someone was wandering Niles Boulevard pointing a gun at people. Police came and learned that the person in question was a 17-year-old runaway from Hayward with a toy gun.