NUMMI to work with Fremont/state on redeveloping site

NUMMI just sent out a press release announcing that the last car, a Corolla, has worked its way down the assembly line.

The release also talked about the future of the site. Here’s what it said:

NUMMI will endeavor to find a buyer as well as continue to work with Fremont and state officials to identify the best re-use of the site.

“Over 75 percent of the acreage here at NUMMI is open space and pavement,” said Mike Truax, general manager of Engineering. “The plant was operated to stringent environmental standards and received numerous environmental awards. This site is located between two major freeways on a prime parcel of Bay Area real estate and is immediately adjacent to the planned Warm Springs BART station.”

Matt Artz


  1. Damn, it really closed down. I thought Michael Keaton was going to have a press conference in Fremont today and affirm that this was all a joke.

  2. I thought Toyota was putting a joke on us by tricking us that they are shutting the plant down but actually not shutting the plant down. April 1st=April Fools Day

  3. Last night’s evening news included on-camera interviews with religious leaders who were holding a prayer session outside of NUMMI. Their goal, they said, is to get another auto manufacturer to take over the facility.

    The workers at NUMMI were making $20-$30 per hour. Average pay for Toyota employees in Mississippi is approx. $17. What’s the average wage for auto assembly workers at Tata in India or Chery in China? What would they offer as an hourly wage should they set up shop here? This SFGate story sums it up.


  4. On previous mornings the locomotive idling by the Warren Ave crossing was hitched to car-carriers. This morning it had a mixed load of box-cars and tank-cars. Hauling the left-overs away, I imagine.

  5. From the SFgate story:

    “[The factory’s] shutdown closes another chapter in the life of the blue-collar worker, once a symbol of American middle-class life.”

    I think average pay for the union “team members” was 65k, which put the hourly closer to ~$32/hr. This wage is comparable to a junior researcher or engineering technician.

    I don’t see the NUMMI closure as a symbol of the dismantling of the middle class. I see it as a strong sign of what is now required to participate in the middle class, which is above average skills for above average pay.

  6. Guess Mayor Wasserman is getting his wish. He’s been talking about putting Fremont on the map for the last several years. Of course it didn’t happen quite the way he wanted. He thought bringing the A’s to Fremont would do that. Now the closure of the NUMMI plant has put our city’s name in the news around the world. An example:

    Better watch what you wish for, it may just come true.

  7. “I see it as a strong sign of what is now required to participate in the middle class, which is above average skills for above average pay.”

    – absolutely true, Marty !

    Exceptions –

    Government employees are exempted from the above rule(s).

    Oh, and let’s not forget that the cost of that higher-level education necessary to achieve above-average skills (so one can achieve blue-collar status) will (for all but those who are independantly wealthy) require incurring significant debt for the myriad student loans necessary to achieve same – thereby making many with higher-level education endentured servants to the loans they amass during their college years.

  8. You know VOR, the real strength and future of Fremont, I believe, lies in the very fact that you refered us to hindustantimes.com as if it was a natural place to get news. Wonderful!

    Fremont is a sleeping giant!

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