Top MLB official and Wolff were in San Jose Monday

Details are here.

Matt Artz

  • http://www.ishanforcouncil.com Ishan Shah

    broken link! or is it just me?

  • http://www.ishanforcouncil.com Ishan Shah

    just me I suppose, works ok now.

  • Californiaguy

    Lew Wolf and Bud Selig are College Buddies, lived in the same dorm.
    Bud Selig is just going through the motions. San Jose will be the new home for the A’s.
    Bud Selig will make Lew happy by giving him San Jose.
    The new stadium will be next to Dirdon train Station, close to down town.
    It really makes sense to put the A’s in San Jose. The downtown Excellent restaurants, Live music, dancing, entertainment.
    All the things Fremont does not have. Why is that????

  • http://www.YourAmericanVoice.com Fazlur Khan

    Californiaguy, if it is a reality that’s good. Out of Fremont, good for Fremont.

  • VOR

    Seems like San Jose is wheeling and dealing land for a downtown stadium, but not all the pieces are in place just yet….

    $20M land deal could help San Jose assemble final pieces for A’s ballpark