Fremont Council to discuss NUMMI and The A’s Tuesday

fremont asTough call for me this Tuesday. Do I return to UC Berkeley for the final set of Fremont presentations by the landscape architecture students or do I sit and listen to Fremont’s slightly less aesthetically pleasing elected representatives talk about NUMMI and the A’s? This might be a game time decision.

The council isn’t going to make any monumental decisions Tuesday. It’s more of a rap session, as they used to say in Berkeley. The city is still waiting to hear if it’ll get a $333,000 federal grant to study future uses for the NUMMI site, although it’s moving ahead with hiring consultants.

According to the report, which you can read here, Fremont has spent $158,814 on its NUMMI ballpark plans. The report also says a decision by MLB is expected  “in the coming weeks.” If Fremont is still in consideration, it might spend more money on the ballpark plans. If it’s the top choice, it’ll spend a lot more money on the ballpark plans.

Does anyone think Fremont has a chance?

My uninformed sense is that MLB will give the A’s the green light in San Jose, but that the team will work on parallel tracks in San Jose and Fremont. San Jose would have the inside track, and if something went sour there, like voters rejected the stadium, Fremont would be next in line. But I also thought the Mets were going to win the NL East last year, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Matt Artz