Fremont Council to discuss NUMMI and The A’s Tuesday

fremont asTough call for me this Tuesday. Do I return to UC Berkeley for the final set of Fremont presentations by the landscape architecture students or do I sit and listen to Fremont’s slightly less aesthetically pleasing elected representatives talk about NUMMI and the A’s? This might be a game time decision.

The council isn’t going to make any monumental decisions Tuesday. It’s more of a rap session, as they used to say in Berkeley. The city is still waiting to hear if it’ll get a $333,000 federal grant to study future uses for the NUMMI site, although it’s moving ahead with hiring consultants.

According to the report, which you can read here, Fremont has spent $158,814 on its NUMMI ballpark plans. The report also says a decision by MLB is expected  “in the coming weeks.” If Fremont is still in consideration, it might spend more money on the ballpark plans. If it’s the top choice, it’ll spend a lot more money on the ballpark plans.

Does anyone think Fremont has a chance?

My uninformed sense is that MLB will give the A’s the green light in San Jose, but that the team will work on parallel tracks in San Jose and Fremont. San Jose would have the inside track, and if something went sour there, like voters rejected the stadium, Fremont would be next in line. But I also thought the Mets were going to win the NL East last year, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Matt Artz


  1. It must be nice for a city to have valuable land to leverage. Any comments on the value of the NUMMI site with ballpark vs without?

    Everyone can chime all day about the council and city manager failing to demand fair value for Fremont’s vacant spaces. But reality of the matter hits far closer to home than most people are willing to admit.

    Expect the the A’s in SJ (which, admittedly is best for baseball), and NUMMI vacant for 20 years. Thanks, Kathy McDonald. That was one hell of a effort you pulled to promote your personal situation.

  2. I’m not sure Mrs. McDonald has as much power and authority as you wish to bestow upon her Marty. If she does, then maybe she should be the candidate of choice this November. I personally believe there are many factors in play, and all with more leverage than Kathy McDonald.

  3. A downtown San Jose ballpark is a win-win-win for San Jose, A’s and MLB. A stadium in suburban Fremont is certainly not a good investment for the A’s.

    The stadium project will benefit some land developers and business groups, but it will have adverse impact to Fremont residents, and become a financial drain to our limited city budget and resources.

  4. I don’t think leveraging a few like minded protectionists qualifies someone to sit on the city council. But McDonald’s effort was significant enough to effect a result that in my opinion doomed the NUMMI site for a generation.

    Hey, but maybe not. I’m open, and like many here I am eagerly waiting both McDonald and Bacon’s actual vision for the site. If I hear the words “green tech”, then I’ll know their lying (or delusional).

  5. I hope we can have a nice, cozy, low density small downtown with some local shops, jogging/biking trails, and small parks like Los Gatos or Palo Alto.

    A stadium generates a lot peak traffic during season. Everyday when I jam at Mission & I880 I really hope that ballpark will never be built at NUMMI site.

  6. Yes Marty, The A’s are moving to San Jose as planned.
    Lew Wolf and Bud Selig are college chums.
    Lew would have built the Stadium as long as He could develop 3500 homes and a shopping Mall. He really did not want to move to Warm Springs location, there were no development opportunities.
    So good luck in San Jose, Lew.
    I do not believe that Kathy McDonald, had little or no influence over the A’s decision.
    So, Marty keep entertaining us, with baiting people, on the blog.
    Every one knows you are a Masterbaiter.

  7. From the get-go Lew Wolff envisioned a stadium with a shopping center and homes. He attempted to purchase the area surrounding the Oakland Coliseum. When he couldn’t swing that he looked south and Pac Commons looked like a deal. But he never seriously worked out the details. I don’t think the Warm Springs site was a serious consideration, but it bought him time. He was able to go to his ol’ college roomie and cry foul. Nobody in Fremont loved him, not Lowe’s, Costco, NUMMI, or the Fremont Citizen’s Network. My guess is the FCN would never have come to pass if the Pac Commons deal had gone forward.

    Yes it’s NIMBYISM. It happens whenever people believe their livelihood or neighborhood is threatened. The San Jose Sharks are doing the same thing now about the San Jose stadium deal. They feel it will impact their franchise.

    Like I said, there was a lot more involved than one lady named Kathy McDonald, although she must be given credit for organizing ordinary citizens to stand up for themselves.

  8. Even if green tech does endup being successfull, manufactoring of green tech will not be cost effective to do in fremont/california. Unless ofcourse Kathy Mcdonald agrees to run this business for charity. She can employ a 10k people at 100k/yr salary and benefits. The product will probably cost twice the market rate, but the govt will probably use its deficit money to buy it. Yess!! Well paying green tech union jobs utopia !!!

  9. “I don’t think leveraging a few like minded protectionists qualifies someone to sit on the city council. ”

    Oh heck NO siree ! ! ! !!

    Mayor Yes-sir-man has done a great job of recruiting more “like minded protectionists” to the council for the last several elections . . . .

    It’s just a matter of what you want to protect, Marty – — the stadium concept and downtown Niles or . .. . . the city of Fremont.

  10. Marty-5 — “If I hear the words “green tech”, then I’ll know their lying (or delusional).”

    As opposed to the quote in this blog’s “Fremont gets $333,000 federal grant for NUMMI site” post:

    “Ro Khanna, a lawyer who lived in Fremont for a year or so before joining the Obama Administration. He said the administration expects Fremont to come up with a plan that will generate manufacturing jobs:

    ‘What we hope is that they will see a commitment to building manufacturing particularly including **green technology** and biotechnolgoy and that they will create well-paying union jobs in the area.'”

  11. Bill, it would be nice to see a post from you that is not a dutiful response to one of mine. I often wonder if you have any ideas of your own.

    Box, I think nearly every person who uses the words “green tech” is a retard. Those who use the words “green tech” when referring to the NUMMI site are profound retards.

  12. “…biotechnolgoy and that they will create well-paying union jobs in the area.”

    There is no such thing as a union scientist. Just shows how delusional these people are.

  13. The word manufacturing is an all-encompassing term. The word immediately conjures up images of long assembly lines with workers robotically attaching their piece of the final product; understood since we are using it in conjunction with the NUMMI facility.

    Manufacturing takes many forms and be quite a sophisticated process. Think pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, biotechnology and nanotechnology for a start.

  14. Statement in Post #13 is another mendacity masquerading as substantiated opinion – “There is no such thing as a union scientist. Just shows how delusional these people are.”

    Certainly the folks over at CERDEC and Local 476 NFFE would be interested in your claims Marty –


    Or, try explaining your statement to the many, many thousands of unionized scientists working at the U.S. – EPA (for example ) – or, worldwide, for many municipal (as well as a small number of private) institutions.

    Having built an argumentative soap-box of mis-information, Marty then proceeds to spew forth disdain for the venue and any opposing thought by asserting that contrary opinions are “delusional” – – –

    For those who are undecided as to the merits of important issues facing our City and candidacy for City Council, Marty has been one of the most prolific examples of pro-A’s, pro-incumbancy, and anti-Bacon/McDonald “thinking” and verbiage – I encourage you to examine as many of these posts as you have time to invest – – – consider closly that his/her/its words are representative of the kinds of thought exhibited by those who support or oppose the aforementioned topics.

  15. Box, there is not one unionized scientist working in the private pharma or biotechnology arena, period.

    What you present are government employees. Seconds after I posted #13 I had realized my generalization excluded some university RA and grad students, and I suspect some professors who lead research groups – all contributers to science.

    But my point stands, in the context of bringing biotechnology research to Fremont, any inference that those workers would be unionized is delusional.

    Stay tuned for my next blog post linking environmental elitism to social elitism, which should help explain the linkage between the Bacon and McDonald candidacies.

  16. Bend the statement, Marty – twist your original statement all you want to try to rationalize it AND the “delusional” assertion you need to make

    Your quote stands for anyone that wants to examine it – – – it says “There is no such thing as a union scientist.”

    It doesnt say “..there is not one unionized scientist working in the private pharma or biotechnology arena.”

  17. “The city, which already has spent about $158,000 on studies aimed at luring the Oakland A’s to a portion of the site . . . . . . ”


    Whatdya think – – – $158 grand spent . . . . and we have exactly what to show for that $158 grand ?

    Feels like about 1-2 full-time man-years spent doing what ??? . . . . . ummmm, something – – so, somewhere between 1 and 2 people working full-time; that’d be 40 hours per week; 260 (or so) days in 2010 (?) – – including fringe benefits, all in – and we have what – – – exactly – – to show for that $168 grand ?

    And somehow, we’re lucky enough to come up with another $333k with which we can perform even more “analysis”.

    Add it up – 158k to study the A’s stadium; $333k to study what we can do with NUMMI land; add in whatever you think is a reasonable proxy for monies frittered away on Centerville ideas. . . . . and for all that resource, for all that time and money spent, WHAT result do we/will we have to show ?????

    But nuthin to be concerned about – – we’re spending your tax dollars like it was our own and pinching every possible penny.

  18. Here’s an example of how these things roll.

    9’ers haven’t gotten thru the gates on opening day and ALREADY have balked on a promise that even stadium supporters are questioning.
    Read here –


    The response from 49’er managers to the claim that they have backed out on their promise ??????

    “.. they did not address the funding issue..”

    The 9’ers and their developers appear to have duped the public into giving them a seat at the table of public financing for their stadium and now begin the process of nudging other members of the community away from *their* table . . . . .

    Welcome to Levi Stadium . . . . SUCKERS.

  19. Boxie…you and yours screwed Fremont bigtime and you know it. Now it’s time for you to go over to Vinnies and pet his $2000 dog!

  20. Speculative . . . and irrelevant . . . as always, Charles.

    What IS NOT speculative is that – in the aforementioned case – it appears that members of the Santa Clara community that, at one time, welcomed and supported the subsidizing of their new stadium – – are feeling a little “screwed” (to use your words).

    No surprise on this one – and I predict there’s more of this kind of slap in the face that the 9’ers will serve up in the coming years. . . .right up until they decide to leave town for a new deal.

  21. Wrong again Boxie…40,000 baseball fans would be happily spending their hard earned denaro in Fremont right now if you and your rent-a-mob friends didn’t “swiftboat” the stadium deal. Face it Box “means business” = we’ve been screwed by the vocal minority. I wish I could only get myself a taxpayer subsidized vacation to India!!!

  22. bbox, Do not confuse Michael with the facts, mentaly challenged people rarely changed there minds

  23. Not a problem, Bill.
    To the contrary – the obstinant ignorance of well established facts exhibited by this individual is a wonderful testimonial about the kind of mentality that is a fan base for our legacy politicos . . . . I am proud to say that I dont agree with someone of this ilk.

  24. B-in-the & Billy Bob Cracker,

    While your hero looks for new ways to

    1. demonize developers

    2. unnecessarily spend the taxpayers dime on unnecessary trips abroad

    Yous-twos continue to dangle from a rope of sand.

    Remember fellows, time is short, and suddenly, you’re not here any more. Dudes, accepting mediocrity is so not in Fremonts best interest.
    Yous-twos really need a to get a life and cut the “means bussiness’ crap1

    Viva Bacon and the vocal minority!

  25. Vinnie went to India – – so did Anu. Bill didn’t question why we went or what we got in return. . . but, you’ve failed to make these latter two points – ever.
    If you’re gonna lay claim to a critical point – at least have the intellect to apply it even-handedly – otherwise you appear to be just another pro-Diaz, pro-Harrison mouthpiece.

  26. So, we’re witness (above) to how the 9’ers are already nudging Santa Clara soccer away from the public services table . . . and meanwhile, up in Oakland the Warriors are making clear how municipalities can get stuck holding the bag on tons of debt and remediation when these teams and their owners find greener grass elsewhere. Read the facts here –


    The central point for those who dont have the time – “..Warriors have informed them that the team will stop paying down the debt on the Oracle Arena after it decamps for San Francisco, even though it appears that a clause in their lease requires them to keep making payments.”

    Of course – – none of this financial reality is ever taken into consideration by those who want you and your community to make a personal donation to the net worth of a few players and owners.

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