Safeway melee and a gang fight

From the cops

Some Surenos, the guys who wear blue, committed an assault with a deadly weapon at Holy Spirit Church in Centerville and flee in an Isuzu Rodeo that was involved in a shooting last week. Cops spot vehicle in North Fremont and the car is stopped in Hayward where the two young men inside are arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

Three juvys at Horner Junior High Thursday beat up another kid for his cell phone.

A man stole CD’s from Borders Books in the hub. Store employees chased him into Safeway, where police say a melee ensues. Cops arrive and put the thief in the wrap.

Matt Artz

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  1. Ah, yes, Centerville, the area where our our foggy-eyed City Council and City Planning Commission want to spend our tax dollars on an artsy Theater. Why, of course, I’d be anxious to drive there, right into the middle of the Surenos and Nortenos. Maybe I could ask one of the boys to watch my car for me. Sure, I would. Right. Are you listening, Dirk Lorenz and Bob Wasserman? Do you really think the gangs would leave just because you blew a “few” million of our tax dollars on your little theater?
    The insanity of these two (and their followers) never ceases to amaze me.

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