Niles post office to stay in business

Here’s the unedited version of what will appear in the “Morning Report” section of tomorrow’s paper. A longer version, with reactions from locals, will run Friday. (We couldn’t get a full story into tomorrow’s paper due to early deadlines.)


The Niles post office branch will remain in business, U.S. Postal Service representatives announced Wednesday evening, to the relief of local residents who had campaigned for months to keep the Fremont branch open.

About 150 local residents gathered at Niles Elementary School to hear postal officials say that the approximately 7,000 letters they had written made an impact.

“When we looked at (the response), we just had to make a decision: We cannot close the Niles post office,” said Kim Fernandez, manager of the Bay Valley District, which oversees post offices from Napa south to King City, excluding San Francisco and San Mateo counties.

Fernandez said the district received more letters from Niles residents than any of the other five post offices that were under threat of closure.

As soon as Fernandez announced that the Niles branch would remain open, audience members erupted into cheers and a standing ovation.





Linh Tat