Campaing Mailer Watch: Garrett Yee

owlWe’re going to be analyzing and fact-checking campaign mailers  for the Bob Wieckowski – Garrett Yee Assembly Democratic Primary this June. First up is Ohlone College Trustee Garrett Yee. A mailer supporting his campaign went last week.

A few things to note:

1) Yee’s campaign didn’t pay for this. The mailer was funded by Californians Allied for Patient Protection, a state campaign committee funded by the medical industry and health care insurers.

2) Limits on medical malpractice awards could be an issue in the next legislative session.  This group’s main purpose is to protect legislation that capped medical malpractice awards. There is a drive rewrite that legislation. The health care industry, which is supporting Yee, likely doesn’t trust Wieckowski on this matter, given that Wieckowski is getting a lot of money from trial attorneys.

3) This piece may have been funded by insurance and medical interests, but its target appears to be Hispanic voters. Yee’s wife, Maria, who’s Hispanic, is featured prominently and the two endorsements come from Hispanic politicians.

4) No tall tales. He’s not taking credit anything the Ohlone Board did as a group or stretching the facts. There’s really nothing to fact check in this piece.

5) He picked former State Sen. Liz Figueroa to say a few nice things about him. I saw Figueroa at Wieckoski’s campaign kick-off She says she isn’t endorsing either candidate. She also said she signed off on the Yee flier, but that, if asked, she would also willingly provide kind words for a Wieckowski mailer.

yee mailer

Matt Artz


  1. Today’s edition of the Argus carries MNG’s endorsement for CA Assembly 20th District. The headline: “Wieckowski for Assembly in close call.”

    The next to last sentence of the endorsement states, “…Wieckowski’s experience as a lawmaker on the Fremont City Council gives him a slight edge over Yee.”

    Having local union endorsements is what gives him the edge, with the Calif. Teacher’s Assoc., Alameda Co. Labor Council and the AFL-CIO backing him.

    Should be interesting. Yee has been methodically campaigning for several months. Wieckowski has been biding his time thinking he’s got it nailed. Kind of like the story of the tortoise and the hare. Remember who won that race?

  2. That’s a false assessment, both kicked-off their campaigns in May 2009 and Wieckowski has been actively running a grassroots campaign since December 2009.

  3. Grassroots it must be. I’ll rephrase it. Bob Wieckowski’s campaign is low-profile in comparison. Maybe I’m just not seeing them, or they’re the wrong color, but the only signs I see on front yards and on fences around town are Yee’s. Kind of like the photo Martz ran in the Gaga for Garrett post.

  4. “Having local union endorsements is what gives [Wieckowski] the edge, with the Calif. Teacher’s Assoc., Alameda Co. Labor Council and the AFL-CIO backing him.”

    Where can I get a Yee sign?

  5. Marty,

    Doesn’t sound like you’re a Democrat .. them endorsements are pretty aligned with the prototypical Alameda County Democrat. Of course it’s an open primary so you could vote in the Democratic Primary, then again you wouldn’t be able to vote for Meg for Governor.

    And you can get a Yee sign pretty easily, just look all around the area, Yee’s campaign littering the area with Yee signs everywhere. (not in front of people’ houses mind you but all over “public” thoroughfares)

  6. I know I read it – – – the Argus endorsement (or was it simply a prediction that appeared in the Op Ed ?) of Bob W. for Assembly.

    Using the BANG web site search function and using the search terms WIECKOWSKI and YEE – does not return the article.

    Using Google – no luck either –

    Is anyone aware of a web version of the original Editorial ?

  7. It’s definitely time now to do the same sort of analysis for Wieckowski’s campaign mailers. I received one this week (“Give Our Economy a Jolt”) that is so crammed with outlandish exaggerations that it may have changed my mind about voting for him. It claims that he has “created thousands of local middle class jobs, attracted high-tech companies to our region, established training programs and workforce development” “enabled hundreds of families and seniors to keep their homes and protect their retirement during this financial crisis.” It says “He’s secured millions of dollars to create new parks and recreational opportunities for families, established after school programs for kids, and hired more police and firefighters.”
    Either Wieckowski is Superman in disguise or this is the worst example of gross exaggeration I’ve seen in many years. In only two places on the mailer does it say he “helped” do some particular thing but the rest of the verbiage reads as if he did it all by himself.
    Someone needs to point out to Mr. Wieckowski that stuff like this can do his chances real harm. Happy talk is understandable in a campaign but this mailer goes waaaaay over the line.

  8. Eyesbright, I have that mailer and have gone back and forth with Wieckowski’s campaign trying to understand a few of those claims. I’ll have the mailer up on the blog next week.

  9. Eyesbright, understand, you say anything it takes to get elected. A lesson well learned from his office mate.

    I liked the photo of Bob wearing a tie, sleeves rolled up, installing a solar panel with a socket wrench (but no hard hat). It reminded me of Robert Young in Father Knows Best handling all his husbandly Honey-Do’s wearing a tie and a cardigan sweater.

    Also interesting that he claims not to be in the camp of special interests but prominently displays the POA, Cal Nurses Assoc., CalFirefighters Assoc. and the Cal Teachers Assoc. logos on the back page. Umm, are they not special interests?

  10. Hey Matty,
    Did you go back and forth with Yees campaign on his mailers as well, before you reported on them? You just make it way too obvious how cozy you are with wieckowskis team. A more balanced approach will benefit all.

  11. I did email Yee to make sure he had served in Afghanistan as well as Iraq, but then read online that he was stationed in both countries. There wasn’t much to go back and forth about with the Yee campaign because neither or their mailers claim that he created enough jobs to put all of Sunol to work.

    Word of caution, nu n town. The comment section of this blog went haywire during the 2008 election. Please don’t lead us down that road this year.

  12. Matt,
    You mean like Wieckowskis mailers and election statements make? You see, thats exactly what I’m talking about Matt. Why didnt’ you just state that about Wieckowskis campaign? Like I said before- way too cozy.

    Hopefully, when you complete your fact checking mission next week, we’ll read a more evenbalanced report.

    Not sure what happened in 2008- but you can help by staying on the “Fence” with your reporting.

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