Council meeting wrap-up

I’m out of practice. This is all after-the-fact.

A bunch of blind people showed  up to complain about unsafe conditions around the blind school on Walnut Avenue.

Linda Randolph got well deserved kudos for leading the successful fight to keep open the Niles Post Office.

It was a four-member council, no Wieckowski.

The council approved a a 14-kid day care operation that will set up shot in a home accessed via a private road in Centerville. There’s a lot to this. The day care center is going to be off Allen Court, wich is basically a one lane private road near the intersection of Thornton and Fremont Boulevard.

All of the residents say day care traffic will pose a danger on the narrow road. The day care folks say they drive carefully and it won’t be a big deal. The city had rejected previous plans for 30 students, but state law tied the city’s hands when it comes to a 14-student program in what will soon become the operator’s residence.

If the council had more latitude, they might have rejected it.

Matt Artz


  1. Regarding the day care facility on Allen Court. A check of Google Maps shows one residence at the end of the court, which, as your post stated is a one-lane, private road. So where do the other residents live that claim the facility poses a danger on the narrow road? It doesn’t look like any other residential units use Allen Court.

  2. VOR, you made me curious… Look at the satellite image, what Google calls Allen Ct. is a parking lot between 2 businesses. I think it must actually be located south west of the indicated position. There are a lot of houses there with no street marked on the map, yet there is clearly a street with cars parked on it. It looks like Allen Ct. comes out to Thornton with a narrow gate behind the Shaker’s Pizza.

  3. Note: Once you click on URL in my last post, #3, choose Aerial, Birds Eye from the top left side.

  4. Wow, I like that Bird’s Eye view! Will have to use Bing more often.

    Now back to my real job 🙂

  5. What happened to construction of the new pre-school on the corner of Washington Blvd. and Roberts Ave. (next to the old location of Tri-City Voice?

    Pretty good size building, but apparently something has halted its completion.

    Anybody know what’s up?

  6. I see workers at the pre-school contruction site on Washington, so it is probably just the usual delays in completing a building.

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