Open Carry this Saturday at Jamba Juice

Just got a call that the Open Carry folks will bring their pistols and their love of smoothies to the Jamba Juice at Pacific Commons this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. They welcome people with similar interests.

As promised, last week the the Open Carriers held a “Girls Day” at Supreme Nails and Spa near Blacow and Mowry. The Argus wasn’t there, but the American Trigger Sports Network sent a cameraman.

Matt Artz


  1. what a shame.

    I guess someone is expecting trouble at Jamba Juice this Saturday.

    The soccer team will be disappointed. We will need to take our business somewhere else.

  2. I won’t go to Jamba Juice then. It sounds threatening.

  3. I think we should thank the OCers for their willingness to put themselves in harms way to protect their fellow citizens and for pointing out the danger zones here in the ‘burbs.

  4. Would you like a free “shot” with your Razmatazz, sir ?

  5. I’m wondering – do the open carry people talk to the business owners before they decide to use their location for one of their functions or do they just pick a business and show up there? It would be good to know if the business owners involved are receptive to these gatherings or if they don’t know about them until the open carriers show up. I can’t imagine that the business owners think this is good for their business, particularly when the open carry events are advertised ahead of time so people can plan to go elsewhere.

    BTW, is that a police car parked in the background of the video link in the story, to the left of the woman shown? Is part of the fall-out from these gatherings that we have to pay for public safety resources to monitor the situation?

  6. Looks like I need to start going to Jamba Juice; already started going to Starbucks even though all their coffee is dark French roast. I think hoplophobes are funny; they don’t worry about the illegal concealed carry by teenagers – like the bunch that did a thirty robbery spree – but they are terrified of armed average citizens.

    Only in California.

  7. Why do all the OC love fest’s take place in the relatively peaceful ‘burbs? Seems like all the OC stories come from Livermore, Pleasanton or Fremont. Why don’t we read about the OC gathering at some shop on International Blvd. in Oakland? Too much competition probably.

  8. I stayed the heck away from that place today. Used to go to B&N on weekends and get a juice on the way back. Jamba or B&N lost the sales from me today.

    If they show up at my business unannounced, I will call the cops. Oh wait, why would they care. If they want my permission to have open carry in my business, I will not allow it.

  9. “Jamba or B&N lost the sales from me today.”

    Corporate America winces.

  10. Corporate America problaby doesn’t “wince” as my friend Marty points out.

    But with this same statement, Marty also seems to discount (or is unable to comprehend) the very real concerns and sensitivities by local businessmen and women and ANY dynamic which has the potential to redirect revenues away from their local businesses.

  11. These are probably franchises, but I bet it’s a no-loss event for them. For an hour, they lose a Ringo and gain another customer. If the business were targeted as a regular hangout, that would be a different story. But, I suppose the ultimate objective for the open carry movement is to spread their presence across as many public places as they can as a means of making gun carrying more commonplace. It’s kind of like a gay pride parade for the 2nd Amendment.

  12. Marty seems stuck on trying to minimize the consequences and arguments of regular folks making a decision to not partronize businesses where OC functions are “advertised”. . . . seemingly, Marty is attempting to minimize the impact of their choices.

    Seemingly, Marty is so fixated on proving these folks ineffective with their decision to avoid this place of business, that s/he/it tries to rationalize the lack of consequence or impact by these folks – first by trying to suggest that “corporate america” doesn’t care about customer choices and, second, by suggesting that franchises might, again, disregard customer preferences. . . . . in both cases, Marty completely overlooks the consequence and needs of the local operator/manager/owner…..

    BUT, finally Marty gets some wood on the ball on his/her/it’s third swing of the bat and bumps into a logical argument – – that, perhaps the O.C folks made up some of the losses resulting from non-O.C. customers who chose to avoid the venue . . .

    “Even a blind squirrel . . . ” comes to mind.

    It is difficult to argue that this kind of behavior can only represent dissention for dissentions’ sake.

    Who does this kind of divisiveness benefit ?

  13. “Who does this kind of divisiveness benefit ?”

    Long-winded TCB commenters?

  14. Nope –

    No benefit here – –

    If anything – – – bbox231 is the bigger idiot for legitimizing Marty’s commentary.

    So who is it ??

    Who benefits from marty’s random nonesense ?

  15. Let me take a try at emulating your prose, Mr. Box:

    Bbox seemingly attempts to denigrate his own intellectual fortitude by self inflicting a preemptive assessment of his intelligence, further concluding that he may be (or may not be, depending on the factions involved) an idiot.

    Who stands to profit from such a statement????? Ask your self….. especially under the specious accounts of our so called “journalist” who may or may not be (or for all things considered, be the same as) Marty?????….?????…..@@@@.

    Regardless, factional or otherwise, I believe that our education like such as South Africa and the Iraq everywhere like such as.

  16. WOW !

    Take note sports fans – the question in #15. was “who benefits ?” which, for some reason devolves into “who profits ?”

  17. Going back to the video… one of the women was complaining that her first gun was stolen, then used in a murder. She felt put upon that she had been criticized for having the weapon. Speaking as a gun owner, she should have had a trigger lock on her gun if she was not carrying it, especially since she has young children in the house.

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