Plan submitted for Pacific Commons Movie Theater

pacific commonsThe owner of Pacific Commons has submitted a Concept Site Plan that includes a 16-plex movie theater on turf that two years ago was slated to become the Oakland Athletics’ home field.

Catellus Development Corp. is proposing  13 new commercial buildings and 1,750 new parking spaces bounded by Bunche Drive, Boscell Road, Curie Street and Christy Street. The development would sit directly across Curie Street from Costco and Lowe’s — two of the three stores that wanted nothing to do with the A’s.

The anchors would be a 139,516 big box retailer at the corner of Christy and Bunche and a 3,005-seat movie theater along Boscell Road.

The plan also calls for a children’s play area and a central courtyard.

More to follow in the paper, and hopefully a pdf of the plan for the blog.

Matt Artz


  1. This is a victory for those of us who have been asking for a theater in Pacific Commons for a very long time; that’s something I campaigned for on television last year! Its good to see that the owners are listening to what the people would like to see. The 1000 member+ Facebook group is clearly indicative of a strong support for this project.

  2. I’m glad to hear this. It’s cool! It depends on what else they are putting in there besides a movie theater. The movie theater alone will bring businesses to Lowe’s and Costco for sure. The movies will be played at different hours and will not create substantial traffic or parking issues around there. We have watched too many movies with the kids outside Fremont, it would be nice if we could watch movies at our home town!!!

  3. A positive move for sure. I’m tired of heading east, south or north to see a flick.
    And, egress routes are better than Union Landing. Now if COF can just sequence the traffic lights a little better.

  4. Thank Goodness, someone is finally planning to build something!

  5. I am keeping my fingers crossed on this. I hope NIMBYists dont screw things up this time. There will be much more traffic, parking will be hard and I am sure the rats and squirrels will lose their habitat.

  6. Andy, your posts are always so positive, enlightening and informative. To what do you credit your Pollyanna attitude?

  7. Fortunately –

    Incremental traffic created by the new project will be several orders of magnitude reduced from a ballpark.

    A large portion of parking for theater patrons will be located in close proximity to the service itself, unlike the proposed Pac Com stadium where parking was necessarilly distributed a long ways from the stadium itself and which would have created MAJOR conflicts between the proposed flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic AND patrons of the other retailers.

    So, if NIMBY is an acronym for someone who has the forsight to question obvious flaws in . . . I hasten to use the word . . . “planning” – Knock yourselves out – I’m a NIMBY and proud of it – the only “rat” in this dialogue are those who blindly chase tidbits randomly scattered about by Lou.

    (Here’s an idea – sometime soon, let’s get a discussion going on how the NIMBY acronym has evolved into the sole defense perpetuated by those who can’t otherwise defend a development with anything other than generalized anecdotes and name calling – as opposed to the MERITS of the proposal.

    Don’tcha just wanna’ break down into laughter every time you hear this – – – “NIMBY, NIMBY ???!! – – THAT’S the BEST you can do ????” – – – LLLLOL !!! )

  8. Box, you’re not a NIMBY. You are simply a man opposed to a ballpark because you think it’s a bad deal for Fremont.

    Kathy McDonald IS a NIMBY. Every move she has made regarding the ballpark has been an effort to preserve the value of her $1.2M home in the hills.

  9. It is better to have new developments in Fremont. All the new developments should implement the latest Green Technolofy, massive tree plantations, green, flower beds and verticle parking lots. The new development should not interfere with the parking of other businesses and also settle any concrens, they have with the other businesses of the Pacific Commons.

  10. Fazlur, We’re talking about 50,000-100,000 sq ft of air conditioned space where ten to twelve 20,000 lumen projectors blare on full throttle for 8 hrs a day. Not very “green”, but I like the flowers.

  11. This is excellent news for the City and also for the Pacific Commons area. Our citizens have been spending their entertainment money elsewhere e.g. AMC Mercardo, Milpitas, Union CIty, Dublin. Now it is time to keep the $ in Fremont and generate some revenue for the city. I look forward to the plan and will support this development project.

  12. . . . and AGAIN with the NIMBY thing – Somebody – please tell me where this can only be interpretted by any (thinking) individual as playground name calling ??

    Why is it that the most ardent supporter of incumbancy is also so disrespecting in his/her/its discourse ?

    Is Marty a reflection of the City Council he/she/it is so fond of ?

    Is it possible that the occasional schizophrenia of demeanor exhibited by this alias is the result of some kind of “group think” ?

    what prevents members of “the group” from participating in the venue for themselves ? and, where is Swamp Squid ???

    Or – maybe – these random responses are simply just vast and uncontrolled mood swings from one individual.

    Who knows ?

    Anyway –
    Last time I checked – we all have a right (some would argue a responsibility) to advocate and argue in the interests of our community. I s’pose Marty and the faction he/she/it supports would advocate otherwise – or maybe they’re smarter than that so they just toss out the NIMBY label-

    And hey, if the best you can muster in response to thinking and critical individiuals expressing concern for their community, is to run around pinning labels on those same folks, knock yourself out – (please) – if calling someone “NIMBY” is the best argument you and your ilk can muster – – – – – have at it – – it certainly has to be one of the best ways I can think of to lend credibility to the thoughts of your opponents.

  13. Had to make a trip out to Pacific Commons this morning. Wind was coming from the south. Ahhh, the smell of the water treatment plant wafting across the flatlands! Brought back memories of playing golf on the course right across the freeway from it. Now long gone. Smell and salt water did it in.

  14. Ahhh, but think about living at Pacific Commons in Baseball Village (that I heard was still alive without the Ballpark) not only the smell of the water treatment plant wafting accross the flatlands in a southernly, but the smell of the Land Fill with the normal westerly – not to mention the roar of the freeway creating a hard physical edge along what should be one of Fremont’s most prized possession – the San Francisco Bay waterfront.

    But what do I know?

  15. Anon101, since you mentioned the land fill, at some point in time couldn’t that be reclaimed in some fashion? A park or maybe a golf course? They created one heck of a golf course back east near NYC. I don’t remember the name of it but a PGA event was held on it last year. The skyline of New York, the Statue of Liberty, etc. were always in the background.

  16. Found the course name. Liberty National. From Wikipedia: “Liberty National is noted as a unique course because of its proximity to both the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan, as well as the fact it was built on a former landfill.”

  17. Box, I almost missed post #15. Let me try and explain my reasoning for using the word “NIMBY”. Hopefully after I post my thoughts you will engage me with a more coherent response.

    I can think of someone who lives about a half mile from Weibel and across the highway from the proposed A’s stadium. She, along with her husband purchased this home in 2005 for an exorbitant price with a modest down payment. I suspect that her equity has been consumed by the real estate crash, and that her financial solvency is very much dependent on the value of this home.

    Now, by no means would I consider the NUMMI site to be in the “backyard” of a home near the intersection of Durham and Paseo Padre. But, the most vocal opponents of the A’s stadium have framed the development as being so, to the point of scaring themselves over Grimmer turning into a floodgate of crime and mayhem into Warm Springs.

    I have no record of this person objecting to the Auto Mall proposal, and in my estimation she adopted the A’s stadium issue only when the project became a perceived threat to her personal financial solvency.

    So, I suspect this person was ambivalent (at most) to the idea of a stadium on the other side of town, but not in her “backyard”.

  18. “I suspect . . ”

    “in my estimation…”


    “…a more coherent response”

    – Marty

  19. Post #16 and #17 are good points. Probably not smart to build homes and schools there b/c eventually 10-20 years down the road, somebody will file a massive class action lawsuit against every responsible party including the City claiming they were made sick by contamination in the air, ground and/or water.

  20. “what should be one of Fremont’s most prized possession – the San Francisco Bay waterfront.”

    I’ve never thought of it like that. It’s not an EPA Superfund site. Former landfills are often converted to public places and residential. I’d much rather live in Fremont west that the old UC rail yard, which is an actual Superfund site turned suburb.

  21. Box, It’s getting even harder to decipher any semblance of meaning behind your responses to me, but if you are inferring that any of my statements are not supported by facts, I would be happy to provide you exact details regarding your candidates residential finances. I don’t think it’s appropriate here, but I will gladly email you.

  22. It’s difficult to consider the former Allied Waste dump area as “waterfront” property. A quick Google Maps search shows it’s about three miles from the actual bay waterfront to the edge of the landfill. The area in between appears to be salt flats and marshland.

  23. “It’s getting even harder to decipher any semblance of meaning . . . . ”

    marty –

  24. Marty…

    You need to lighten up. A movie theater will bring more consistent traffic to nearby resaturants than a ball park would have ever brought to Pacific Commons. Most A’s fans would drive to the park and bypass Pacific Commons altogether.

    Why are you hasseling Kathy MacDonald on her property value? $1.2M is slightly about average for houses in the Weibel area. Her protests against the stadium is based on the fact that it is fiscally irresponsible of city leaders to devote tax payers’ money to fund the A’s stadium. It would be much better to pursue opportunities that will bring real jobs with real salaries to our community.

  25. #25, VOR. First the Durham Road landfill is Waste Management, not Allied Waste. And, technically and legally, the diked salt ponds and marshlands are part of the bay. Currently, the salt ponds are being restored to the bay in a massive project and are now in the wildlife refuge.

  26. Thanks for the link VOR, interesting read. Particularly the quote from Wolff:

    “This idea we’re trying to discourage people from coming is a bunch of crap.”

    Oakland should BOYCOTT this clown! Wolff has been dead set on moving out of Oakland since day one! To say otherwise is a “bunch of ….”!

  27. “Her protests against the stadium is based on the fact that it is fiscally irresponsible of city leaders to devote tax payers’ money to fund the A’s stadium.”

    Where was Kathy from 2006-2008 when the stadium was slated for the Auto Mall site? Not in her backyard?

    Try again, ‘Near Weibel’.

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