Robbery spree

mickeycopFrom the cops:

Police say one man with a gun hit up seven East Bay businesses Thursday. He started off in Fremont at the Lil Grocer & Liquor on Grimmer, then went to CJ Liquors on Stevenson and from there robbed two businesses in Newark. He returned to Fremont to take what he wanted from OO Liquors before going to Union City to strike again.

He was getting around in a white 90s Cadillac. Hayward police stopped a car that matched the description, but one of the occupants fled. Police are trying to track him down. We should have more details and updates at www.theargusonline.com and in tomorrow’s paper.

Also from the cops:

There was a fight at the Fremont Hub Safeway. Police tracked down and arrested one of the brawlers, who had an outstanding warrant. None of the parties wanted to press charges.

Matt Artz


  1. Was this man of the faceless ambiguous type or did he have a description?

    “He was getting around in a white 90s Cadillac”

    Oh, forget it. I got it.

  2. Unless I think the description will help lead to an arrest, I only go into details when the crook is a lanky white guy with a long face, big schnoze, and thinning brown hair … wearing the same Dickies pants as the day before. That’s a dangerous breed.

  3. The true identity of the crook Matt Artz is describing above is:

    a. Matt Lincecum

    b. You

    c. Himself

    d. Bob Wieckowski

  4. i was there right after it happened at cj liqors dude was a tall black dude kidda skinny n lookd like a youngster

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