Stabbing at Kirby’s

micey copFrom the cops:
There was a scuffle at Kirby’s on Saturday. A security guard trying to break up the fight put one combatant in a bear hug, but that was a bad move. Apparently another combatant stabbed both the guard and the man he was hugging.

Neither victim sustained life-threatening injuries.


Gaga for Garrett

yee sign

This was the scene outside Garrett Yee’s home earlier this week. Only it wasn’t the Garrett Yee who’s running for State Assembly. It was a different, younger Garrett Yee, who’s friends decided to play a joke on him. The parents of the other Garrett Yee have offered to return the signs to the candidate Garrett Yee.


From the cops: Bank Robbery

mickeycopWelcome to the West Coast, Chase Bank. On Thursday a young man with dreadlocks over eyes, walked into the Chase at Fremont and Mowry and gave the teller a note demanding money.

He didn’t show a weapon, but the teller gave the man some loot which he stuffed into his pants pockets.
He ran away, and police are still trying to find him.


More on Red Light Cameras

mickey stopNow I’ve got red light camera stats from Fremont and Union City. They couldn’t be more different.

Last year, Fremont, which has cameras at 10 approaches, identified 19,623 potential violations and printed 10,516 tickets.

Union City, which has cameras at eight approaches, identified only 8,517 potential violations and printed 5,601 tickets.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Union City is still considering whether to continue its red light program when its contract exprires this year and Fremont intends to continue.

I don’t have a firm handle on why Fremont is getting so many more violators. All of Union City’s approaches photograph right-turn violators compared to just three for Fremont, so it’s likely not that. 

Last year Union City city had to reject 502 potential tickets due to sun glare and another 467 due to the driver’s face being obstructed or the driver actually ducking from view of the camera. That accounted for more than one in ten potential violations.

Meanwhile, Fremont last year threw out  more than 4,000 potential violations that a retired Fremont cop ruled as invalid offences. A fair number of those apparently were right-turn offences that the cop ruled kosher.


Fremont has a Tea Party group

disney tea partyClick here to learn more about them.

It looks like they’re organizing to defeat Pete Stark, or at least keep him from topping 70 percent of the vote in November.

They’ll be “vetting” Stark’s Democratic challenger, Justin Jelincic, 10 a.m. Saturday at the Fremont Main Library.


Drunks top police reports

mickeycopFrom the cops:

Earlier this week a woman on the 600 block of Chardonnay called police about 3 a.m. to report a woman knocking on her door saying she was hit by a car and needed help. The resident kept the door shut, which turned out to be the right thing to do. The door knocker was a very drunk parolee. She went back to jail.

Also earlier this week a slender young male punched a woman in the face in the area of Walnut Avenue and Guardino. He then stole her backpack and cell phone.

Over the weekend, a short, middle-aged man dressed in blue robbed one Fremont’s two Applebees.

Also over the weekend, a couple of drunks got in the way of officers who were investigating a suspicious person call. Someone crashed into a police vehicle, disabling it, and then drove away. But the driver soon returned to the scene and was arrested for driving under the influence.

Meanwhile, at the same scene, a motorist tried to drive down the street despite several cop cars blocking the way. A sergeant stopped the driver, and determines that he too is under the influence of alcohol. Turns out both drivers were coming from the same party.


Niles post office to stay in business

Here’s the unedited version of what will appear in the “Morning Report” section of tomorrow’s paper. A longer version, with reactions from locals, will run Friday. (We couldn’t get a full story into tomorrow’s paper due to early deadlines.)


The Niles post office branch will remain in business, U.S. Postal Service representatives announced Wednesday evening, to the relief of local residents who had campaigned for months to keep the Fremont branch open.

About 150 local residents gathered at Niles Elementary School to hear postal officials say that the approximately 7,000 letters they had written made an impact.

“When we looked at (the response), we just had to make a decision: We cannot close the Niles post office,” said Kim Fernandez, manager of the Bay Valley District, which oversees post offices from Napa south to King City, excluding San Francisco and San Mateo counties.

Fernandez said the district received more letters from Niles residents than any of the other five post offices that were under threat of closure.

As soon as Fernandez announced that the Niles branch would remain open, audience members erupted into cheers and a standing ovation.