Campaign Mailer Watch: Garrett Yee II


CLARIFICATION: The City Council is talking General Plan, but I’m looking the blog, and I’m not thrilled with how I wrote this post. Let me clarify: When I write that those striking teachers can make the same claims that Dutra makes for Yee, I’m not trying to rip into Yee, I’m  only saying that those aren’t big boasts. As for being the one to fix health care, well …

Californians Allied for Patient Protection, a lobbying outfit representing medical interests, sent out a second mailer in support of Garrett Yee. This one is a letter from John Dutra, Fremont’s second favorite real estate professional (more on that Sunday), and a former Assemblyman.

Dutra makes two claims and a prediction.

The claims: that Yee has balanced budgets and fought for education could be made my any of the hundreds of teachers striking in Oakland Thursday.

The prediction — That Yee “will fix our healthcare system” is about as likely as Yee winning an Oscar or quarterbacking the Raiders to more than four victories next season, but people are allowed to make predictions.

We’ll look at Wieckowski’s first mailer next week.


Matt Artz


  1. Marty,
    When are you going to start being a more balanced reporter? Guess we’ll have to wait and see how you pick apart wieckowskis exagerated claims on his mailers next week. But I won’t hold my breath.

  2. Nu, I think you figured this out in the next post, but I am not Matt Artz, aka “Martz”..

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