Matt Artz


  1. I am very much in favor of Vargas being opened to the public, but that My Word piece is obnoxiously vague. It would be nice to know what road improvements are going to be made, and where exactly they plan alternative access points.

  2. can someone post the map location?
    I am new and have no idea where all these places are.

    thanks in advance.

  3. Vargas plateau is a the East end of Morrison Canyon road – its called Walnut ave up to Mission, where it changes names as it crosses. This is in Eastern Fremont and is the next road east thru the hills just south of Niles Canyon

  4. The opening of Vargas Park is a good news. We have to make Fremont a Healthy City. We should have more Parks in all the 5 Districts with Kid Play Lands and benches to bring people out of their homes to make the kids play, elders to walk, jog, breath fresh air and socialise and bring the community closer in a supportive environment.
    Let us Repower the Council with People’s Power
    Let Change Happen in Fremont!.

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