Council meeting report

The Council has just approved a law to ban polystyrene containers from restaurants, taco trucks, gas stations etc.

The law, which the Chamber of Commerce supports, will go into effect Jan. 1 2011.

Several councilmembers praised Bob Wieckwoski, who’s been pushing for this in council chambers since Jan. 2008.

In more pressing news, click here to read about a fatal fire tonight in the Ardenwood district.

Matt Artz


  1. You mean it only took this Council three years to ban polystyreen containers after BW suggested it?

    Boy, they certainly jump when he says!

  2. It’s about time. Some stores already use sturdy cardboard food containers, these can go right into the compost bin when we are done. Others use so much styrofoam they could supply a model airplane factory. This will prevent a lot of waste from going to the landfill and moldering for centuries.

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