Matt Artz


  1. 1. Argus front door in Centerville
    2. Fremont City Hall entrance
    3. Door to nowhere on vacant Centerville redevelopment plot
    4. Lew Wolff’s private nightclub in downtown San Jose
    5. Massimo’s Restaurant
    6. Entrance to Narnia

    This is called the “shotgun approach.”

  2. Man, this is a good one. I’d guess it is a really old church, either the Mission or Holy Spirit. Just a guess since no one has spoken up who knows yet.

  3. It’s not from a church or a monastary, and it might (there’s some debate about it) be older than the Mission.

  4. The door to the new De Afghanan across the steet of your office. The best food in town!

  5. Correct. The door is from Afghanistan and may well be 360 years old. Find out more about it this weekend in The Argus.

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