Yee vs Wieckowski fundraising

My editor dumped a bunch of Wieckowski and Yee mailers on my desk today. No way I have time to put them all on the blog.

I have been looking at their campaign contributions, however, and you can too, if you haven’t already.

Click here to get a list of Yee’s contributions from Independent Expenditure Committees — those are the groups that aren’t subject to spending and contribution caps.

Click here to get a list of Yee’s most recent contributions.

Click here to get a list of Wieckowski’s Independent Expenditure contributions.

Click here to get a list of Wieckoski’s most recent contributions.

What you’ll see is that insurance groups and doctors are giving Yee a lot of money and lawyers and unions are doing the same for Wieckowski.

The candidates have raised similar sums of money, but Yee has benefited more from independent expenditure committees, which have paid for some of his mailers.

Californians Allied for Patient Protection — a group backed by hospitals, doctors and insurance industry (medical malpractice) — has spent $113,177 on behalf of Yee.

Cooperative of American Pysicians — a group backed by doctors — has spent about $18,000 on Yee’s behalf, and EDVOICE — which has backed more spending on schools — spent more than $38,000 for Yee

For Wieckowski, California Alliance — a coaltion of environmental interests, lawyers and nurses unions has spent more than $42,000 to back the Fremont councilman.

It has also spent more than $10,000 on research and a mailer opposing Yee.

Matt Artz


  1. CALIFORNIA APARTMENT ASSOCIATION PAC gave Yee money which is only interesting because we never get mailers for Yee. Apartment dwellers of Fremont chime in here, have we gotten any mailers?

  2. Gee golly, I hope you are joking because that can’t be a real question.

  3. I would guess the reason apartment dwellers don’t get such mail is because the Apartment Owners Association has much different interests than do their tenants.

  4. I just got a political call asking for me by name (from my voter registration).

    The guy asked me if I would vote for Yee or Wieckowski. Just to see where he went with it, I told him Wieckowski (I’m actually undecided).

    So he says “You know he’s cut police and fire funding so much that they can’t respond to calls. He’s not been able to budget a small city budget. That makes him unsuited for the Assembly”.

    So I told him that calling me up and reading a script of negative comments about the opponent does not enhance Yee’s image in my mind. Then I asked if he had anything positive to say about Yee… he said something like “No, I’m supposed to talk about Wieckowski” and “This is how politics works”.

    So I said I’d be getting along and he thanked me for my time. Someone paid money for a real person to make these calls, not a robo-call.

  5. Welcome to politics!

    I along with several Family members have received these type of calls for the past few weeks. When we say were undecided they proceed to bash YEE everyway which possible. Then they say, ” BW has created thousands of jobs and brougt dozens of companies to Fremont”. When I asked him to name a Company, he couldn’t. But then he said NUMMI.

    So I reminded him that it closed and over 30 thousand jobs were lost as a result.

    Difference here, this guy was pretty rude and didn’t thank me for my time.

  6. Just Politics!

    Over the past few weeks, myself and friends & family, have received similar calls. When we say undecided, they begin to bash YEE to no end.

    They move on to tout Wieckowski for everything from creating thousands of jobs to bringing dozens of companies to Fremont. But when asked to name one company, the caller couldn’t.

    He then said NUMMI. I then said, Nummi shut down and over 30 thousand jobs were lost in the state.

    Difference here is, the caller was pretty rude and didn’t thank me for my time.

  7. Thanks for reminding me, I did get a very enthusiastic live call from a Wieckowski supporter more than a week ago. I don’t remember her going negative, but she was very emphatic on the positive side for BW. So I’ve heard from live people on both sides.

  8. Neither BW nor GY has much to speak of in the way of tangible accomlishments. . . . the problem with this line of reasoning is BW, by virtue of his tenure, SHOULD have something to point to.

    Instead, he seems to sit by quietly, and despite the obvious sophistication of an experienced attorney never seems to stir the pot – at least publically .

    Which begs the question – What’s he doing and what are his intentions ?

    The tip of one possible card comes in the form of financial backing. Here, BW clearly has a lock on public employees. . . This faction has unanimously aligned behind candidates who they can trust to protect their incomes and future benefits despite the fact that these same components likely spell economic disaster for many municipalities and even our state.

    I conclude that Bob has been quietly running under the radar of scrutiny by the tax-paying constituency but, just as quietly continues to reassure the public employee that he’s got THEIR interests in mind.

    Draw your own conclusions – vote in your own interest – but PLEASE, vote.

  9. I am having a hard time deciding on this one.
    BW is incompetent, but He is another Democratic vote.

    GY is a stealth Republican like His sponsor Dutra. Politicians know they cannot win as a Republican, so they switch to be a Democrat. Yee did, so did Dutra.

    Check who is there main campaign contributer$, that tells a story.

  10. I’ve been watching and reading everything I’ve seen on these two, Yee and Wieckowski, and I’ve come to the same conclusion as Fremont Bill. The fact that Garrett Yee was a Republican until recently means I’ll hold my nose and vote for Bob Wiekowski. Garrett Yee seems to have no other convictions than to do whatever he thinks might get him elected. Knowing he’s backed by Dutra sealed my decision to vote for Wieckowski. I hate voting for the lesser of two evils but I’ll definitely vote to try to at least get the man who is a life-long Democrat.

  11. I truly believe Garrett Yee is a better candidate. I am a 25.5-year resident of Fremont. I went through every year of schooling in Fremont, then UC-Berkeley. Anyway the reasons why I think Yee is better:

    -He actually sticks by his word.
    -He is running a clean campaign. Bob clearly is not. How unethical!
    -I actually supported Bob @ first, and even gave his campaign $50. Didn’t even get a “thank you” from him. IMHO, a little rude.
    -Then I donated $100 to Garrett and NOT only did I get a personal thank-you from him by e-mail, but also a HANDWRITTEN card. How polite!

    Anyway vote Garrett!! Thanks for reading my comment.

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