Target slated to move to Pacific Commons

targetTarget is the big box store slated to move to Pacific Commons adjacent to the planned movie theater.

The development is scheduled to open in Fall, 2011.

This makes one wonder whether Target is still interested in Creekside Landing, the stalled development closer to the Milpitas border and whether Target intends to stay at NewPark Mall. I’ll try to find out next week.

For more info on the Pacific Commons project, click here. It’s a pdf brochure from leasing agent Cornish & Carey.

Matt Artz


  1. Matt,

    If the Newpark Mall Target might be on the chopping block, can you also find out the fate of The Hub Target?

  2. I am curious too if this means Newpark Target is moving, Fremont Target is moving, or a new Target is coming in. My guess is the Newpark Target would move, but I’d love to see what they are saying.

  3. The change that is occurring to the Target at the Hub is closure of the garden center. Probably wasn’t a very cost efficient portion of the store. They will close the garden entrance in September. That had been done at Newpark as well.

    I’d bet money on the Newpark store closing.

    Let’s hope Target opts for a Greatland at Pac Commons, but if they do it will impact the Hub location for sure.

  4. VOR, if the PC Target is a Greatland store, it won’t necessarilly impact the decision to shutter NewPark or the Hub. In fact,there are two Greatland Target stores literally across th freeway from each other on Colma and Daly City; the DC store is in Serramonte Mall while the Colma store is in a strip mall. You can stand in the parking lot of one store and see the other. And while both stores are very large, the Comal store is being expanded/

  5. I asked Target officials and they said all 3 stores will remain open. This is part of the strategy to surpress Wal-Mart, which has the large store in Union Landing and 2 others in Fremont. The Hub store will remain… it was just revamped to include grocery, which is ideal in that location, close to Safeway and Trader Joe’s.

  6. Phew. Fremont losing the Target at the Hub would be like Paris closing the Louvre, or like NYC losing the WTC.

    Newpark Target. Never Forget.

  7. They’re not going to tell you which one they plan to close this far ahead of time. Newpark is the logical one to go–along with Old Navy and just about everything else useful on the north end near Sears. Think about the centers near the Mall as well–Circuit City, the pet store, Rasputin, Staples, even the dollar store closed! The Newark auto row has one or two hangers-on. Across the freeway, Think about New York Fabrics, Cost Plus, Aaron Bros., the theater, Market Broiler–all gone, some moved, and others supplanted by competitors at one of the local hubs along 880, which are clearly now Pac Commons, Union Landing, and McCarthy Ranch. The Newpark Mall has been accepting ill-fitting second-tier tenants for years–furniture, bargain housewares, odd art. One might argue that these just happen to be badly-run or aging centers, but I think it’s inevitable that they decline in favor of the newer breed of freeway-side centers on better corridors than Mowry.

    The hub, on the other hand, was never trying to be a freeway mall, so, despite it’s maddening refusal to revitalize activity on the interior walkway, it’s tenant mix and clientele are more established and feel more local, and the Fremont residents around can support it’s continued success because of it’s central location and convenience.

  8. Joel says, “…because of it’s central location and convenience.” Now there’s a novel concept.

    The current owner of Newpark Mall, General Growth, doesn’t have a clue what to do with their rapidly declining retail draw. They had the chance to put in a new movie theater and dropped the ball. I can’t remember the last time I have visited.

    Heck, why walk from store to store, when you can drive from store to store at Pac Commons.

  9. Heck, why walk from store to store, when you can drive from store to store at Pac Commons.

    After driving 10 mi on surface streets to get there.

  10. Marty; please stop making sense. It could really mess things up around here!

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