Fremont school board members reluctant to honor slain gay rights pioneer

harveymilkAnyone who reads The Argus knows that the Fremont school board has a conservative streak.

Last year Two years ago, the board was forced to revise its abstinence-only Middle School sex ed policy under pressure from the ACLU.

And last year, a three-member board majority (Larry Sweeney, Lily Mei and Ivy Wu) banned a book it deemed too violent for AP English students.

Now that trio is holding up a ceremonial resolution honoring Harvey Milk, the country’s first openly gay elected official. They removed it from the agenda at Wednesday’s meeting.

Linh Tat has the story in Saturday’s Argus. Read it here.

Last year, after state voters outlawed gay marriage, the Fremont City Council voted 4-1 to support the legal effort aimed at overturning the vote. The lone dissenter was Steve Cho, who’s no longer on the council. It’s strange that Fremont has a strongly pro gay marriage council and a school board that is hesitant to pass a symbolic resolution honoring a gay man who was murdered more than three decades ago.

And as far as gay marriage is concerned, Fremont voters supported it last November, but by a razor thin margin.

UPDATE: I wrote this post before realizing that Linh Tat had already done so below. So I took out the redundancies and the quotes I used from Linh’s story, but left in the board’s recent history and the comparison to the City Council. Linh has good taste in selecting photos from Google.

Matt Artz