Ongoing SWAT operation on Fremont Boulevard btw Walnut and Stevenson

UPDATE UPDATE: Suspect is arrested. Police say they found him in a third story laundary room utility room. Police say he fled down an adjoining garbage  shute, but landed on a mound of trash near the opening to the second floor, where police were waiting for him.. He was unarmed and wearing a sweatshirt.

UPDATE: Police have closed all four lanes of a stretch of Fremont Boulevard between Walnut and Stevenson.

Photo courtesy of Steve R. Waterhouse


Fremont police have locked down the Waterstone Apts, 39800 Fremont Boulevard ,  as they search for a topless man they think fired shots about 9:24 a.m.

Sgt. Chris Mazonne said a gunman got into a confrontation with two or three people at the Village Green Apartments and fired shots in the air. Officers chased him across Fremont Boulevard to the Waterston Apartments, where they’re still looking for him. No one was injured in the shooting. The gunman apparently ripped off his jacket and shirt while fleeing from the scene of the shooting.

Matt Artz


  1. Steve R. Waterhouse? The Mustard?

    The Argus sports section sucks now.

  2. Why do you think the gunman was so upset? He doesn’t like it either.

  3. Thanks Fremont Phil and VOR. I’d like to think I did a good job while I was there … or at least covered as much as I could.

  4. Steve you did a fantastic job. East Bay Prep blog sucks no baseball cover at all!

    Thanks for all of your support you gave him last year

  5. should have said “Thanks for all of the support you gave my son last year”

  6. The Argus’ Monday sports section had the results of Saturday’s third round of the PGA’s Texas Valero Open instead of the final, Sunday round. Guess MNG’s Mumbai production staff is more than a couple time zones away.

  7. What happened to Michael Bowers and Kyle Bongura?

  8. Sports talk? OK, everyone else is read “shots fired” too, right?

    Yes, no one got hurt and the word “topless” is always fun to read, but sports? Really?

  9. Fremont Phil, Michael Bower quit in October and moved down to San Diego. He’s not writing sports anymore. Kyle quit about a month ago and works for patch.com. He covers San Ramon/Danville local sports.

    As for me, I’m still looking. If anyone out there knows of anything, let me know …. srhooose@yahoo.com.

  10. Fairfield is considering eliminating all high school sports teams next year due to their budget constraints. That pretty much eliminates the need to report high school sports doesn’t it.

  11. Take a second to browse Fairfield’s compensation, where the top 25 are mostly fire staff raking in over $160k per year

    In a city where the median household income is about 50K! If they’re talking about eliminating sports already, what do you think the end game is for Fairfield?

  12. Hey Andrew Cavette big deal shots are fired get use to it. Take a look around this place is going to HELL!!!!

  13. SMALLS, If that’s true, shouldn’t we at least be talking about the Saints?

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