Fremont News of the Day / A bit more on Target

fremont_news_linkNetflix axes 160 workers at Fremont office.

Former Fremont cop is could be new CoCo County sheriff.

I wrote a story about Target opening shop in Pacific Commons in 2011, but I guess it got held. Target wouldn’t say anything. However, I did talk to a Newark official who gave me his take on whether they think Target will in NewPark Mall.

He said that Target is moving away from two-story stores and mall stores, so he didn’t expect Target to stick around long-term. But, he said Target owned the site, so he didn’t think the chain would leave anytime soon given that they’d have to sell the land or find a tenant.

Matt Artz


  1. “Netflix will eliminate part-time, temporary workers through the reduction.” I realize the loss of any job, especially if it’s yours, is not good, but headlines like “Netflix axes 160 workers at Fremont office” scare the hell out of people. But, I guess it does sell papers.

  2. Your CoCo County headline is about 6 months early. Dave Livingston (a great guy, by the way) is a candidate for sherrif, not the new sheriff.

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