Fremont’s new top 20 employers

With no more NUMMI, the school district tops the list

  1. Fremont Unified
  2. Washington Hospital
  3. Boston Scientific/Target
  4. Western Digital
  5. Seagate
  6. AXT Incorporated
  7. Lam Research
  8. Oplink Communications
  9. City of Fremont
  10. Solyndra
  11. Sysco Food Services
  12. Synnex
  13. Kaiser Permanente
  14. Palo Alto Medical Foundation
  15. Quanta Computer
  16. ESS Technology
  17. Mattson Technology
  18. Sanmina -SCI
  19. 3 Par Data
  20. Office Depot

Source: City of Fremont

Matt Artz


  1. Boston Sci. & Target (the retail store) are tied for 3rd? But we have two WalMarts in Fremont, and they don’t even make the list?

  2. Boston Sci(entific) & Target (Theraputics) is a manufacturer and supplier of medical devices to deal with brain aneurisms by inserting springs into the aneurism through an incision in the thigh. I had a tour of the facility some time ago and then my nephew actually had the surgery. It worked.

  3. Here – I think this will help –


    The Target mentioned by Matt is a subsidiary acquired by Boston Scientific . . it is the consolidated headcount of the two business units that places them 3rd in Fremont employers.

    (Gus – I think you knew what was going on here but, for a moment I was still trying to figure this one out even after reading your reply)

  4. I missed the “Source: City of Fremont” note, but what I meant was: is there more information like this available online? I’m curious about the employee counts, for example, would like to see this if it is posted or if you have the data.

  5. Box,

    What do you mean you “think” I knew what was going on? If I’m not sure, I say so. It still is an amazing process. The make an incision in you thigh, thread a tube into your brain and to the aneurism, and then break off a spring at the end of the tube. The spring, coils itself into a ball and stays there. The break of several springs to fill the expanded part of the artery in the brain and they stay there to fill it. A clot forms to fill the voids in the springs and the threat of a ruptured aneurism is averted.

    One of the great joys of being mayor was to get these tours of buildings that we only know by the signs outside. I was trained as an electronics technicial and worked in the technology business for 40 years and I am amazed at what goes on in today’s technology (or in 5 years ago’s technology). It would be good to maybe see some features on some of these companies in the local section of the paper.

    Another interesting list which Matt might look at is the top 10 or 20 sales tax generators. I would guess Costco and Fry’s are the top two, but there are lots of surprises on that list.

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