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Fremont News of the Day

By Matt Artz
Thursday, May 20th, 2010 at 6:51 am in Uncategorized.

fremont_news_linkStory on Fremont asking workers to take unpaid leave.

Affordable housing project in Irvington.

Gail Steele represents North Fremont on the County Board of Supervisors and she’s retiring this year.

Also, we’ll have a new “Where in Fremont?” later this morning.

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  • VOR

    Marty, you’ll love this one….

    Former Assembly Speaker Willie Brown says he’s guilty for states money meltdown

  • Marty

    Overcoming denial. It’s the most important step for alcoholics and CA state pols alike.

  • Marty

    Since we are sharing links, check this one out:

    Receivership is the state-law version of federal bankruptcy. The court-appointed receiver has the power to approve or reject purchases and payments and, if the court approves, change contracts with unions and vendors and hire and fire municipal employees.