Fremont City Council to honor Harvey Milk

milk2One week after the Fremont Unified School District held off on hornoring  Harvey Milk, because “he stands for gay rights … a very sensitive issue,” the Fremont City Council is poised to honor Milk.

The council has put a resolution for Milk on Tuesday’s agenda. I’m guessing it will be approved without any contention.

Also, the council is scheduled to pass the all-important second reading for the law that will shift responsibility and liability for street trees and sidewalk maintenance to residential homeowners.

In more council news, the council is expected to approve using a federal stimulus program to help Dale Hardware’s planned expansion. Dale Hardware and Solaria were the only two Fremont companies to apply for the bond financing program, and Dale was the only one that met qualifications.

Also, the council is expected to sweeten the deal for Eden Housing’s senior housing complex that’s going to be built on Peralta Avenue near Fremont Boulevard (The old Golden Peacock site). Fremont granted a Eden a loan and was supposed to get paid back 3 percent interest.

But Eden has had some funding issues, so the city will likely make it an interest free loan, costing the city’s redevelopment agency nearly $2 million over the next 40 years.

Matt Artz