Harvey Milk continues to make headlines

Last week, the Fremont school board tabled a resolution recognizing tomorrow as Harvey Milk Day, in honor of the state’s first openly gay elected official who was slain. (I understand the resolution will be discussed at Wednesday’s meeting.)

Then we learned that the Fremont City Council is scheduled to adopt its own resolution recognizing Milk at Tuesday’s meeting.

Now, the Kern (County) High School District board has adopted a policy that the district won’t celebrate Harvey Milk Day, nor encourage schools to have activities in memory of the man.

I wonder what elected officials in Union City and Newark make of all this.

Linh Tat

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  1. Rome burns while our government is wasting time on an almost meaningless gesture to a dead gay man whose only claim to fame was that he was gay and shot while in office. Let’s get to work on real problems, not kissing someone’s special interest butt.

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