Obama is coming to Fremont on Wednesday

The President will be visiting Solyndra, which got a federal loan guarantee for its new Fremont plant.

Josh Richman has all the details here and here.

That especially good news for a select group of locals who’d kill to have their picture taken with the President this election year.

Matt Artz


  1. obama came to my employer before he was elected (as did all the candidates)… i shook his hand, that was a good day

  2. The big BW is already trying to take credit. But let’s not forget that while NUMMI was still in operation the entire city council had thrown in the towel on its future. They were salivating at the mouth just imagining the possibilities of the land. But what about the employees? Oh ya, he’s already on record as saying that they dont’t live in Fremont anyway! WOW

    Anyone see the PBS report back in March where both Wasserman and the Big BW were driving around the city with the PBS camera crew saying that Fremont would not be affected much by its closure? Good job guys!

    Had it not been for the hard work of city workers such as Nina Moore & others. Good paying blue collar jobs at this facility may not have been a reality.

  3. Like Silicon Valley, the biggest exporter of innovation and technology. In 21st century we have to convert Fremont in to ” Green Valley ” and the world’s biggest innovator and exporter of green technology. Future is Green Economy to create well paying jobs.

    Chairman, http://www.ChangeAmericaNetwork.org

  4. Two Marine helicopters making practice runs this morning. Spotted them heading south towards Solyndra area. That eliminates the traffic problem.

  5. In addition to the helo’s VOR saw today – I think it mighta been C17’s departing from Moffet yesterday afternoon (at least it looked like a mid-bay departure). . . guessing they were busy dropping of the Pres’s toys and personnel.

    Always hecka fun for those interested in things airborne when the Pres and his crew come to town.

    Expecting a NOTAM to be issued later this week which will give us a couple of quieter-than-usual flying days.

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