Fremont Marine injured in Afghanistan

SoldierwebMarine Corporal Jonathan Melbourne, 21, lost his right eye  and sustained injuries to his face and right arm when his bomb sniffing dog (pictured above) inadvertently set off a improvised explosive device in Afghanistan earlier this month.

The 2006 Irvington High School grad is recuperating at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. with his parents and girlfriend by his side. We should have more details about Melbourne in Wednesday’s paper.

Matt Artz


  1. So young . . .so able.

    They willingly go in harms way to defend the causes of freedom.

    The thanks and prayers we all too rarely offer can never be enough.

    Semper fi, Marine!

  2. My thanks and prayers are with Jonathan and his family. His mother and father are unable to work while they are by his side. Is there somewhere we can donate to Jonathon and his family?

  3. Americans saved me, my whole family, and country during world war II. Memorial day means so much more than Hot dogs.
    Jonathan is a fine young soldier, friendly and dedicated.
    Proud to have him as a neighbor.
    Odette Mapelli.

  4. Jonathon,

    As your former Marine Corp nieghbor We want you to come home soon, well done Marine I am sure you saved our brother Marines. Job well done Marine Semper Fi

  5. I’m very PROUD to be Jonathan Father. When he frist brought this to my attention that he wanted to be a Marine, he told me that he wanted to do this for our Country and to protect our freedom. He asked me for my support, How could I refuse. It brought tears to my eyes.

  6. I pray for a quick recovery and thank you for serving in a time of war

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