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mickeycopA resident on Musk Terrace in North Fremont lost jewelry and a purse when burglars broke into his/her house while he/she was out walking the dog.

A 17-year-old was arrested for DUI early Sunday morning after he flipped his car with his 15-year-old girlfriend inside near the intersection of Fremont Boulevard and Central Avenue. The teen’s vehicle flipped onto two parked cars, but no one was hurt, Sgt. Chris Mazzone said.

Residents in the are of Roberts and Havens avenues reported hearing a loud explosion. It turned out to be a Cadillac Escalade on fire down the street.  The car was reported stolen out of San Jose and the the fire appeared to be arson.

About 4:30 a.m. Sunday morning police were called out to the area around Thornton Avenue and Blacow Road for a reported auto burglary, Sgt. Mazzone said. Thirty minutes later the same officers were called to a nearby domestic disturbance. The officers entered the home where they found many items reported stolen from the auto burglary as well as cut stereo wires, Mazzone said. The offers searched the area and found that five cars had been broken into that night. The victims arrived at the house where the domestic disturbance was reported, and identified their property.

Also on Friday afternoon, in the area of Thornton Avenue and Dutra Way, police responded to a report of an armed man holding his girlfriend and his family against his will. That turned out not to be true. But the man was a parolee, and police did arrest him. A neighbor sent me photos of the police response:

police action2

Matt Artz

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  1. Matt,

    Why does FPD have the right to have One Cop shut down a lane of Automall near Southlake Mobile Home Park?

    The other day traffic on Automall was backed up to 680 I thought there was an accident 20mins later I pulled up and this Cop had 5 big rigs pulled over doing inspections. Not a CHP but a FPD with the CHP scale less than a mile away. Yesterday the same thing this time infront of Home Depot one lane blocked off 3 trucks pulled over..

    Waste of my time and our money!!!!

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