New life for Cinedome?

cinedome 8

I got a tip last week that Cinelux, a local movie theater chain will be moving into the shuttered Cinedome 7 8 this summer.

Little did I know, Cinelux’s interest in taking over Cinedome 7 8 was discussed at a March Economic Advisory Commission Meeting.

I’ve got calls into both Cinelux and SyWest, which owns the theater located in the struggling Mowry East shopping center. If get confirmation that a lease has been signed, I’ll post it here.

Matt Artz


  1. The photo here is the Super Saver Cinemas 7 located on Paseo Padre near the Raeley’s and the new Mad Fish location.

    Cinedome 7 is located in Mowry East near the 880 freeway and Olive Garden.

    Different cineplex.

  2. Correction on the correction. Cinedome 7 is in Newark. Cinedome 8 is in Fremont (Morwy East shopping center).

  3. Cool! Proving that writing in helps. Picture is all fixed.

  4. This is great news, I’m so close to this theatre and my wife and I rather go there than deal with the parking and craziness at Union Landing. I’m hoping they sign a lease, that shopping center is in serious need of being revitalized.

  5. Good news, BUT I was hoping another small chain, Cinema West, would come in. They’ve made strides to make just about every theater they have use digital projection, which is very nice. Just check out Livermore Cinemas, one of Cinema West’s nicest (And newest) theaters. I would sometimes take my family from Fremont to there just to see a movie.

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