Violent crime down in Fremont, property crimes up

The FBI released crime stats for cities with more than 100,000 people.

In Fremont there were only 489 violent crimes reported, compared to 575 last year. And the murder rate was halved — from two to one.

Aggrivated assaults dropped from 304 in 2008 to 237 last year.

Meanwhile property crimes rose from 4,893 in 2008 to 4,978 last year.

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Matt Artz

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  1. Maybe it’s just me but, it does feel like our community has recently stepped up its efforts to keep residents reminded of, what turns out to be, are actually FEWER violent crimes in our midst.

    As one example, consider this BLOG’s more frequent and more regular inclusion of that minutae known as the “daily police activity log”. Increased informal discussion by residents in various community BLOG forums provides evidence that fear and insecurity is on the rise amongst at least – some – residents.

    Yet, hard data suggests that residents should be feeling MORE secure, not less.

    Consider –

    Violent crimes have dropped by 17.6%

    Murder rates dropped by 50%

    Property crimes increased by 1.7% (statisticians would likely call this a “statistically insignificant” increase BTW)

    Hard data is a critical foundation upon which we SHOULD base our assessment of a relative risk and ensuing actions and yet, the frequency with which hard data is produced is, time and time again, eclipsed by the incessant daily reminders of every stolen bicycle. All of which chips away at the relative civic psyche.

    Who benefits ?

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